What does this technically mean?

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What does this technically mean?

Postby TheKeepersEye » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:07 am

Well here's a long story short i'm 25 years old my names Joshua I've been having Deja Vu dreams since i was a young child and paranormal experiences happening to me..I can close my eyes and without of a blink of an eye see a real actual image's as if it were a photograph such as remote viewing through the past the present the future its progressed over the years from hard to simple for me

I'ts became such a hobby of mine on and off to explore my spiritual gift's remote viewing to me is easier when the eyes are closed and a soothing natural committed sound is abound to my experience its been 9 years give or take a few months and I've learned alot.So far i can see the past the present the future in image form clear as a 4-k resolution Tv without a blink of an eye also which i discovered quite strange is i can actually see it in motion aswell ? Is this Deja Vu while remote viewing in motion?Its as if a video were being played in my head when i access this spiritual connection..

Please im looking for a mentor in guidance my great grandma who passed away was a very powerful psychic and i would love to explore the path and journey more so as her.

Also am i allowed to help others read and or be tested?My key quality's are friendly kinded,respect, and a honesty
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Re: What does this technically mean?

Postby ZZZEP » Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:33 am


soothing natural committed sound is abound to my experience

Hello Joshua - great to hear of an Adventurer in Sound & Resound this is good news & you request a mentor voice. May the force of Metanoia be with you instead in gathering the crop of guide communication

4-k resolution Tv

Technicalities & good Resolution huh ? - yes it is a tough old journey on the path of acceptance in the psychic world for someone naturally driven to offer evidence in the form of technicality - AND - bring it all back to the nice earthy bite sized honest to goodness delicious tasting simplicity which people really want - i feel for you in fact - 0 - Do you want some old Armour & metaphysical broadsword weaponry just in case ?

Also am i allowed to help others read and or be tested

Absolutely you can - if we are technically minded we do need a certain art of Oscillating the energies i.e knowing when to curtail our gathering experience narrative and just hand over the choc. But really it is just me overplaying the word isn't it, i'm sure you are very well balanced and aware of the need to be cohere instead of scatter.

Tbh - due to a Jupiter menace only known to certain eunuchs who devise the ranking systems here on the web - i have to find excuses to go into infinite hyperbole convolutions & white water rushes on these forums - i feel you shall Jehovah's 'witness' that - who btw are taciturn by comparison. Spiritualists just haven't got the foot in door fetish or the inclination to be assembled by a god only for end of times sequences.

I can close my eyes and without of a blink of an eye see a real actual image's as if it were a photograph

Thus like a Neutrino too close to a neighboring universe no observer needed. You are granted ride on a Photon stream to your cinematic guides

These days we do the whole thing as a group of voluntary teachers on our side of the site i.e this forum the chatroom & the online school. So - we are not linked to the telephone reader side at all. Not sure if you mean you are drawn to work on the industrial side of the site ?. If so you'd have to look for any contact form content which craig the owner uses for that purpose - none of us on this side seem to take any notice of the phone line part and would necessarily know what is available for this.

from hard to simple

The little I can tell is that from 2004 -on I was registered as a reader myself with a company which If I recall correctly was called psychic stream & was somewhere out in Berkshire UK - maybe Newbury. That was either owned by craig or it became his later. I didn't actually do a single reading as my interest was more what makes such orgs tick at the time not reading for them . I did exchange a great deal of very enjoyable conversion with some great people in the network, and was impressed by how well it was run/organized and the sort of back up it gave its readers. It left a lasting good impression to this very day & I often wonder what it would have been like should I have actually read.

remote viewing to me is easier when the eyes are closed

In the online school we just facilitate teaching with an ethos of Equilibrium - we aim to appeal to the group consciousness of the class in the belief that the most effective way to reach any single part of the group is via the whole group - ( In Orchestra ).


All of your various astral connectiveness experiences sound as intriguing as any - although in the particular respects you mention might not used by all. However - the concept of remote viewing past life scenes will I'm sure attract interest from certain people here.

Best way might be to meet us in the lobby on evening - class times are set to UK Eves - and just see where that leads

Its as if a video were being played in my head when i access this spiritual connection..

Very open to neutrinoless interpretation in non higgs boson universes - clear inner vision & connectiveness ?

If you came in chat one uk night you could gain the opinion of many experienced persons - and try reading in a class yourself maybe by getting yourself an invite



Deja Vu dreams

Much mystery surrounds this very commonly experienced Momentary Episode indeed

How can pinpoint phenomenon like DV and learn to flow along with their ways is your inquiry really isn't it ?

Personally ? - began to believe some years back ( in a best hypothesis available context ) -that DV could be a moment along our soul line in a context similar to what is described in ideas which use simultaneous enactments of our past & future such as in many worlds theories. In fact in that context i felt that the overall term - might well be Synchronicity - being something to which DV belongs.

It could be true to say that is always best to be an over imaginative or even theistic Agnostic commentator attitude though perhaps. The reason - it seems to free up the perceptual memory in the psychic mind a great deal if we keep our core beliefs to a minimum - go for quality not quantity and just run the ideas themselves - things that are not part of our concrete beliefs running on states of probability.


We certainly are able to discuss with a far clearer mind i feel if we do unattached our belief borne selves - and when we think about it we do not require belief in most IDEA things. it BE very efficient for us to draw clear lines - the matters of great interests we hold and the level of confidence we feel for them is well served by a basic 'to best of our knowledge' buffer - where a perceptual mind seems to work better if we allow most ideas to be essentially undecided. Militant Atheists ( just for example ) do not like this much because they find Agnostic openness to Probability difficult to debunk.

For example of a waste of time - for militants non believers it was only about debunking a God once. Towards the end of they seemed skeptical about how holes in womens tights form, or considered it an Arthurian style legend that the BBC in the UK ceased broadcasting @ 12.30 AM in the 1970's.

Not that this matters - Atheism though is normal & reasonably people have to be free to question deities, -it would violate freewill to state otherwise ..

Adhering to truths in the Aquarian Age comes with a weak form of Artificial Paradox Joshua - for example - only a minority seem to realize we must volunteer ground to our opposition so that the purity of ones tenets is not lost. Here an opposer of Freewill must be granted it by the oppressed otherwise our philosophical expectation of its definition is meaningless. In another - so far in the aquarian age it is normal to neuro linguistically model through an art of the possible mindset which treats all circumstance as fully elasticated - all opposites are switchable 180 degrees in earth style politics and these judges will prosecute for watering the flowers in the morning - and for not watering the flowers in the afternoon.

That is a corporeal corruption while astral integrity is not affected by that beat to that drum - we really have to be clear for where our metaphysics are intended

i would love to explore the path

Kudos ;) - it is a path whereupon our perceptual mind seems to dislike flaws or artificial delusions in logics - care is needed not to confuse corporeal logic with it. IMHO deja vu thru synchronicity is a spike from our subconscious knowledge linked to life along a continuum - in other words there is a way by which incarnation itself is defined by infinite frames of the definition of being alive & awre should we be hoping to glue hypothesis together about inter dimensional aspects which hope to attach soul exploration. 'The Present' - being the point in Time on which we are going through the 'Centrality of the Experience - or where our main powerhouse of consciousness is. This will naturally mean that our other points concerning the past and the futures are defined only by elements of our subconscious.

past the present the future in image form


for a mentor in guidance my great grandma

In this way it is spiritually logically possible to experience de ja vu as a mystical astral experience - well practically speaking

Alternately - should there be no elements of our subconsciousness within the thresholds of synchronization in a theory - (such as how the MWT has illustrated no consciousness let alone subconsciousness) - then the concepts are architectures made out of artificial intelligence. Completely meaningless if linked to creatures of awareness. When then do MW theorists ever really implicate humans ?. - I haven't seen it.

As for a digital machine - it provides no obstacle to space time hypothesis I.E clones of them will not technically cease to exist across inter-dimensional time space and thus there is little difficulty in making the idea. Digital machines do not explicitly perish or desist from a link from their life spark. They die in hostile environment - just cease to operate. Machines can do this under water - without air - in space - it just isn't known how to transport a machine to another dimension yet.

We see then - that atheist based efforts tend to make inter dimensional sciences a state that humans cannot exist in. They treat human freewill consciousness & the concept of soul as non existent from the onset. Thus - it is not a human by which they speak cross dimensionally at all - it is definitely Ai @ maximum.

Deja Vu dreams

Meaning - the many worlds theory is an artificial human concept theory = we have reason to feel hat no de ja comes from there = just an example of the power of Reason ... = ? ..

We at least require a continuity of consciousness even if the like of TMWT have not even noticed their deletion of such = there no chance a human life in their manifold cosmos


An experienced psychic medium audience might not be full of technical adventurers - but if you want to present yours to they - it is wise to understand the shortfalls in ideas such as say TMWT as practice as a means not repeat them in your own metaphysics. Otherwise such a gathering can stoke up a non technical intelligence just as strong as the technical kind - sense something isn't right. Not a problem ..but we have to look for precision if we dare bring forth new idealism. You are talking the people who take notice of philosophical evolution .. so the effort in getting it right is enough - is better than being meaningless. Meaningless = no attempt to be accurate - it does not matter if we fall short if we tried to be accurate.

My key quality's


All i suggest is that in most things which purport to bring fresh news about the astral - is that basic rationale requires the means to explain how consciousness is distributed across dimensions - that part will survive all if we serve it well. Therefore in the (DV) case - twe can speak the spiritually scientific versions of Probability which are used in spiritualist neurophilosophy when it comes to looking for reasons to support new idea's or the meanings of say universal forms. Seek astral guidance by ourselves - you can ask the ASTRAL - we need to put a thought process to spirit in order to get answers back at all - we also need this in order to be clear for ourselves whether we yet hear the cosmos, or just a bit too much of our conscious mind.

journey more so as her.

Sounds Reasonable Joshua

What does this technically mean?

Reasonably ? - we have to go by vibe for our best sense of psychic realism because it would not matter how acquainted we were with any technicality given all is infinite - & - we do not know the meaning of Infinity

- i mean - take a look @ something like this and you tell me what that means :


They played on words & images a resonant way @ minimum - you might play on them in a resonant way ?


present the future in image form clear

Precisely this is an everlasting life philosophy which just happens to have been arrested by a rozzer wearing a pink balloon about his foot.

Above all else be clear how our consciousness exists across all dimensions without a desist

May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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