Gaia & Psychic Naturalness

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Gaia & Psychic Naturalness

Postby ZZZEP » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:19 am

No classes running at present


Saturday 1st July class will feature a short theme on earths natural forces in relation to Water & our psychic metabolism followed by flowing reading with The Enchanted Map Oracle - in search of Synchronism with the initial theme & the discovery of a new theme to take us through ..

See you there !

Guideline - try to observe this animation as a water energy acting @ infinitely small level - ( infinitely below level of observation ) - therefore purely on the vibrational level. Also - @ trying to feel its paradoxical level - i.e - where separate moving parts are an illusion and the vibration samples its own harmonic balances between positive negative & neutral states (order to define itself).

Ok - what would 'in order to define itself mean'. ?. In the terms we would wish to use such an intuitional sense - we might want to feel something like this when say looking at any psychic link with water energy involved. Now - @ that sort of point we'd do it purely by that intuition rite?

But - these classes are about how we develop it - thats why we are looking within right now - but secondly we are getting things down to just ENERGY HERE.

Sometimes then we are very much closer than it seems by taking these closer looks - not further away.

Here then - we are looking @ the ability to step into a deeper level of thinking - ( and whoosh ) - stepping out again into intuitional thinking within split seconds as we sense & see symbols in front of us

We should end up with @ LEAST A SENSE of a water @ energy level and with a feel for its orientation in terms of how harmonic it seems at any given time we find it symbolically in a read .


Here's a nice link ... ic-moment/

G&PNC got off on its merry way without a hitch because of you guys - and we had the usual insight & fun with the now fraternal feeling Enchanted Map Oracle.

There isn't much limit an astral oriented class subject once we share how to access its infinities is there ? - one thing i am proud of is the way we have collectively removed the senses of boundary and finiteness to our topics - i seems just normal now to just select the next energy field upon which the subject can be operative - and continue


I must say that Gaia along with a psychic naturalness vibe feels extremely infinite !! - i cannot really sense an end to it ever. Though an 'in season' approach and a rotation of subjects seems to work - there is a phenomenal point to everything by which it is better to rest a topic for a period before once again returning

So G&PN might transport us until the autumn .. then what ? Dream Class ? - who knows



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