Is this feeling normal?

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Is this feeling normal?

Postby Diviine01 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:20 am

My question is, is normal to be upset with the universe, to become lost in all the spiritual chaos? To wish not to be so aware, ignorance is sometimes Bliss.
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Re: Is this feeling normal?

Postby ZZZEP » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:02 pm

Hi Divine :)

Probably we all have emotional irony like that to some degree, but we can go through stages where it is intense or where some are just completely consumed by it.

We sometimes use a term for its arguments sake here being Emotional Release - and this more or less denotes the other ways we might consider our position - rather than - by the many predicaments where emotional ways of thinking have us trying to confront certain ironies head on which just are not matters that can be altered. It can be a difficult transition to make, but letting go of the irony really is the significant one.

The outlook you give linking the ignorance is bliss factor is a very relevant one too - i'd feel as it has absolute truth and wisdom in it in so far that 'what the mind doesn't know the heart cannot grief over. In this way it is an idea stepping stone attitude. But i would mention that even though it is a fine intermediate transitional Key - itself it is a statement based on Irony. Does not have to be a problem because it has a clear aim to help us stop concentrating on our personal disharmony with its cause in the past.

It can only work with the past since it is a means to 'Forget' - the fact that we are precessing in the present is irrelevant because in such cases that present predicament features past irony. Simply - we want the state of our present mind to change from this

If we make good use of the bliss statement we might begin to use means that are not themselves a better reflection of the same irony - but rebuild through some whole new perspectives which we could add to the reminder bliss saying. With regard to what these 'new perspectives' may be - it does not matter as long as they are interesting ( why have boring ones ? ) - but crucially we teach ourselves not to allow ingresses of our downward spiral thinking loops. In this way new perspectives are actually very important because they might be the only way we can check that what we are thinking about is free from the old cycle .

Because where we look at it - all of our old patterns will have had overlays of the ironic thinking placed upon them

So it is really important to embark on a means where we can compare accurately - hence know for sure whether we are repeating the cycle - a new perspective ( which should have a clean slate at its start ) - can show us if this is so.

Therefore we'd have the opportunity to observe directly - and this makes it easier for us to prevent ourselves from beginning new but OLD loops.

But tbh it seems that what you were interested mainly was the cosmic question - how normal is it to be upset with the universe.

Maybe this is one of these things were its normalcy is not all that easy to know from casual inspection. This is because its is a paradoxical loop as to why things are vs what is normal about them where the universe is concerned. This is going to depend on whether the ironic emotional reflex rules the waves again or a rational one does. Ironic will sweep us away into emotion about the fact that the universe made us and made all the predicaments = it ( or God even ) is responsible.

If its seen in a God context where the God is a being - we have a very long process of god words about us being good or X punishment shall happen in certain books.
If seen in any other context where the Universe is the intelligence but appears to punish for all that itself designed to do it can be equally perplexing.
But we have a Conscience and so long as we know that our conscience knows we are a good person we can decide to dismiss literatures opinions of given retributions - why should we carry guilt about being alive if we have committee no cosmic crime ?

Only our Conscience can inform of the truth linked to us personally in this matter - no book can - but there are other ways to uphold and respect them if they remain important which do not violate them. We can use Tact within and out there if we need to. But something isn't as it might be if it is taking hold of our conscience and causing us to feel upset.

The above was more steeped in looking at other influences which can cause us to be spiritually upset. What i would suggest is that if that kind is not the case - isn't it very similar if our own conscious mind is driving a hard task and we want ourself to be upset ?

That is almost a small definition of being Ironic i suppose

But also - maybe this can be much about coming to terms which things that hurt once - or perhaps some nurchuring in earlier life which was missed out on. If that is so - we either gridlock ourselves having forgiven the beings involved but blame the universe - and remain that way or switching between the 3 possible states ( the universe - the beings - or both ) - or we use our strength and forgive it all - then teach ourselves to go forward with the understanding that whatever will be will be - i.e what we experienced is what we were meant to - then set off to obtain how we want it to be.

Sometimes prior cause effects the present and keeps us emotionally entangled - much empathy for this But on the whole - we need to emotionally release ourselves whenever possible otherwise we can't help feeling upset with what got us to where we are.

So really there is complete normalcy whether we blame a universe or do not blame a universe ..

In fact we find that with universal energy things usually always do mean both sides of every coin - we need to keep flipping ourselves to use whatever side has the type of feeling we want to have - otherwise Irony will just do it for us

May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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