Dream/Reality synchronicity

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Dream/Reality synchronicity

Postby Mimbres18 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:24 am

My Father passed away 20 years ago. I have only dreamt of him 3 times in 20 years. When I see him, he is always very real and substantial. I dream of him seldom but when I do , he is very real and obviously present.

I dreamt that I was in an unfamiliar dark place, foreboding. Dressed in only a pair of shorts and boots, I felt exposed. So lost - a stranger in a very strange land. I needed to use the payphone to call someone to rescue me but had no change and Nobody would help- even an old friend appeared and walked right by. Then , my Father appeared and said " I will take you home ". Thats all I remember .

The following was not experienced in a Dream state. It really happened the day after the dream.

Awake the next day, I was taking a break from work , swimming in the hotel pool when I heard someone crying.
She was in her mid to late thirties, dressed in an odd combination of mismatched clothes and a pair of black fuzzy bedroom slippers - in 105 degree desert temperature . It seemed that she was either inebriated, taking medication and/or perhaps a bit challenged in a cognitive sense. She asked to use my cell phone , but I did not have on with me to lend .She cried some more, really pitiful and lost. I gave her $ 20 dollars for taxi fare and escorted her to a cab stand .

I'm seeing a connection but do not understand it .Was
my Father sending a message ? a messenger? Please try to assist me with this sequence.
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Re: Dream/Reality synchronicity

Postby ZZZEP » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:52 am

Hello Mim

According to what you indicate - i'd be able to confirm that a great many psychic & mediums agree that spirit visitation during dreams is very meaningful & can be part of the spirit world processes from time to time. The sparse regularity you speak of is consistent as few ( or none i recall even ) - ever stated there was regular contact this way - and all of them i have heard also described this in ways that resound with yours.

Surreal enough - but distinctly a greater feeling than a mere dream characterisation. I feel that Spirit when they appear in dreams bypass the rest of the dream making apparatus ( in the unconscious ) and are not subject to the 'compressed memory file' nature of the unconscious - ( the recall of which it uses to power most dreams ). Spirit clearly would not be manufactured in this way - their link would be to our Inner Spirit at the time. But anyway - maybe this just helps back your own feelings again about being sure & the distinctiveness of spirit in dream.

And it is great that you found your way here & have an interesting Jungian style inquiry - in fact you are right it is extremely interesting and so parallel laden it is amazing.

I'm returning little in way of actual interpret as you'll see but Parallelism might be part of its theme so i'll not dream read as such but use a separate sense. This dream has a vibe linked to something about dualism as significant. In that way a mind-body problem / inquiry ? - as if an aspect of your personal belief clashes with rational ones ( say maybe ) @ work where there are a lot of rationalists or even with a partner is vs your sense of the metaphysical. A possible link if it only means that your path spiritually needed to understand something of the mind body philosophy mentioned. Also - the way that this dream might have been read if presented by itself, and the way pairing it with a parallel event potentially changes might be an interesting contrast itself .. however .. you'll see i have dismissed synchronicity and assign this parallel instead for the reasons given below.

I feel that your notion that your father came as a form of messenger is quite sound - perhaps though as a Harbinger :

http://dictionary.cambridge.org/diction ... /harbinger

If that was the case it supersedes Synchronicity ( which was a very good likening ) - but we can see that Spirit invoked any subconscious spikes here - rather than the implicate / explicate phenomenon of mind as described by Jung. Spirit shall have also engaged via your own Inner Spirit in order to help create what i feel comprises of the other half of the affect - being Precognition :


And where i have used Wiki for links - ( great source mostly ) - sorry that this one is very owned by opinions of pseudoscience & cognitive bias - but you get it. In fact they are right to a degree that we do work with pseudoscience if many undiscoverable aspects of an infinite universe are remembered. But on that basis so do stephen hawking, ed witten, lee smolen, all of the higgs boson community, a c grayling - the list is endless - but i digress.

When i spotted this post i was all geared up to discuss well mentioned by you Synchronicity - but as i read through it could see two major reasons why it is actually something different - & BTW - there are not that many accessible and spiritually logical paths to the Future - this is a rare one that is.

So - if you are happy that Spirit harbingered a Precognition Dream ? - that is your inquiry far as i can see as you did not request the dream to be read as such ? - thus i shall not automatically do so in case you wished to proceed that way yourself after gaining an opinion of the means of delivery ?

I feel you seek fuller stream of consciousness but find obstacles due to institutionalised maybe - or rational installations = your very trivial level mind body 'problem' - more of a NOT a problem is likely to be solved.

Good luck

May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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