Premonitions of Terror Attacks, Seeking Advice

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Premonitions of Terror Attacks, Seeking Advice

Postby SUNNYSWEETSPOT » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:43 pm

Hello, My name is Sunny and I am rather new to the idea of really being psychic. I have sought guidance and help because what I experience is seeing terrorist attacks, or getting premonitions before they happen. The last one was the one in Australia. I saw the interior of the plane and gas bottles, I then was having vivid dreams about parakeets and being warned. Sometimes the dreams are literal sometimes figuratively. I have also had events where I literally get a message while I am awake. I joined a group that taught astral projection but they wanted to find ghosts and aliens. I wanted to try and understand what was happening to me and why. I have been asked by law enforcement on several occasions to weigh in on a case. Never given the info as to why. I am wondering if I am channeling someone else's consciousness or what this could be. I was very upset for awhile seeking answers, then I asked for this to be lifted from me because it caused stress. Now I am accepting and I feel peaceful. Wondering how to develop this so I can be of service. The terror attacks I remember having premonitions about were: Belgium, Paris 2015, San Bernadino, Orlando, 2015, UK, London attacks, Manchester (we mapped it out two weeks before it happened) Australia. Inadvertently I met the waitress that waited on the pilots who took down the Twin Towers 9-11, Her data is in a museum in Florida.

I have had other things happen too but I wanted to start here. Any ideas or advice is welcome. Blessings Sunny
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