Strange experience // astral projection?

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Strange experience // astral projection?

Postby Nightbody » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:55 am

About an hour ago, I had a strange experience that I am not familiar with in whatever realm of reality.

I remember initially a strong vibration over my whole body but at that time, my perception of reality at that time was so distorted that I don't know if I was experiencing it IN a dream or I had woken up in the middle of the night and it had started. I visualized raising my arm and resting my palm over my
guide's hand and I think I did that with my astral hand at that point. And then I asked them to lift me up and sure enough, I felt the air in which I was raising my astral hand over solidify as if the air was holding my hand up and I used that to push downward to lift the rest of my body up. I then floated slowly to the ceiling looking over my body. I was lucid during the experience but the dream/experience seemed to have its own storyline also somewhat integrated in my perception of my bedroom and house and certain things were very askew in the room. I thought if this was a lucid dream or astral projection - I shouldn't need to see my house this dark but I couldn't use my intent to make it brighter. I thought I shouldn't need to be stuck in this house but I couldn't go through walls either, even though I was flying. After the experience was over, I realized that even though I was very conscious and lucid through it, I had a very hard time remembering the majority of the details the second it was over. It did not feel like my astral projection when I first had it where where I felt a different kind of awake and felt my environment around me and it did not feel like a typical lucid dream where I could actually affect the dream at all with my intent. I also did not feel the presence of my guides that I did in AP but did feel I wasn't alone and didn't have a good feeling about it. So my question is, what sort of experience was this and what realm of consciousness was it in.
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