Could I be a healer ?

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Could I be a healer ?

Postby Sisco » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:14 pm

Hi I'm wanting to find out if I could be some sort of healer. My Mam went to crystal healing and the lady started talking about me and my sister first she had said my sister was an alien I can't remember the name but the strange thing is when Mam got home she googled this alien and they were all the same traits my sister has and one of them was identical to my sister I think they were blue in colour also when my sister was little she always use to say to Mam your not my real mother she's in the water. Another strange thing was before my Mam had gone for the crystal healing at my nanas funeral out the blue my uncle came out with Hollie is an alien but only that comment really randomly. So anyway the lady then started asking about other daughter (me) she said how over emotional I am and that I'm trying to get treatment for it which I was and been diagnosed as emotionally unstable but I've tried all meds and nothing agrees with me so I just put up with it now but the lady said to my Mam my emotions are like this because I'm a healer I'm sure it was that she said also I seem to suffer a lot of infections and illnesses because I'm on the wrong path maybe I think she said there was a lot more but my memory is very bad a lot of the time so I have to apologise she also said I had psychic abilities but needed to do something or other again my memory I am sorry ! When I was very very little my Mam caught me by the feet saying Jesus take me I also use to sit talking to my deceased grandad and still to this day at 32 years old I do but only seems to be when I'm in a really upset and emotional state other times when my son was a baby I use to have to make sure I took all his bottles and everything we needed to bed as once I was upstairs felt like I wasn't to go back down and there was a few times I felt uncomfortable in bed and I put covers over our head but held big gaps open at then end for us to breath but always felt like something stood over us and il just give you this last example when I was planning on moving to another place with a new partner so very rarely stayed at home but I still wanted my xmas decorations up so I put them up and the next time I came back my tree was all smashed and broken but there were no signs of break in and it was only my tree and decorations destroyed I don't no if these mean anything just trying to get out as much as I can think of ! I don't no if it's hereditary or makes any difference but my great nana was a psychic the night she died before anybody new she had died my brother apparently sat up in bed and was talking to her said she was sat on the end of the bed but Mam didn't see anything also my great great grandad was the 7th son of a 7th son and suppose to be a healer. So anyway what I was getting at could I be some sort of healer / psychic or is it wishful thinking ?
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