Does a medium feel bad physically and emotionally?

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Does a medium feel bad physically and emotionally?

Postby Iman » Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:47 am

Hi there,
I am new to this site, but I used to visit it frequently back in the 2001/2002. I have always been a medium but blocked during many stages in my life time. During the past 5 years I have started to acknowledge and embrace my mediumnship by educating myself, studying a lot and changing many habits in my daily life. I am also a Past Life Regression Therapist, Astrologer and Tarotist. The point is that I cannot still avoid feeling bad physically or emotionally from time to time. It doesn't matter how well I protect myself, meditate, do my cleansing. Sometimes or some days I feel really bad. For example it is hard to me to walk in the streets, I feel like being in two realities at the same time, sometimes is like having a panic attack. I have had periods in which I felt ok, but last months were worst. At the same time my potentional as medium have increased as well. I channel, Souls talk through me, I do distance readings and deposesions, visualizations, etc.

My questions is if this happen to other mediums as well or what might be happening?

Thanks for any insight you can give me.
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Re: Does a medium feel bad physically and emotionally?

Postby ZZZEP » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:25 am

Hi Iman

A pleasure to see you on site after all these years and to hear of your full & interesting path

Yes indeed this subject of ( potentially ) spiritually induced anxiety is very common tbh - i have certainly been asked to discuss it many times and i know others have. A bit of a strain on definitions perhaps to go as far as use description 'spiritually induced anxiety'. Therefore if sounds a little ill fitting to present need we can just disregard it later. After all - collectively we tend to regard being on this path as not problematic in such senses. In reality though there can be such side effects ( or 'Affects' might be better ).

Thing is - we could just approach this in brief merely throwing in some empathy or even state pull urself together. But really the minimum runs into some fair length of wordage if it is to be meaningful - whilst - long rambles in this forum with lots of interesting keywords and terms helps our Yahoo site ranking enormously & is done quite deliberately. So anyway - only your good self can decide if anything mentioned resounds, or will be absorbed into ways of thinking - you decide.

IMHO this is - long and concerted spiritual development can result in certain dissociative states where the feelings you describe take place. This affect cannot be confused with the profound definitions of dissociation like Dissociative Identity Disorder for instance - so let us unlink any chance of word association on that level right away - nonetheless - the bare mainstream definition can help - try this link if you will :

Thus note there where it is stated in there 'the more pathological' - again - we are simply looking at the low level affects of dissociation where there is just a slight dissonance in our thought processes which we can intervene on . 'Dissociation' itself somewhat ill fitting as really there is a form of cognitive dissonance going on - & - obviously dissociation is sciences term but lets just use it a bit - its spiritual counterparts are well discussed in classic literature & cognitive dissonance though apt does not give us the daily effect very well.

So for instance to get a parallel here - such 'counterpart' comments like The Quickening are fine but maybe it should be called the 'Slowering' since anxious unconscious dependency states hardly are glamorous :). Nonetheless descriptions will often appear in beginners guides so on and then tend to cause fantastique misleading impressions with shimmering swords and romance. The state is more like a dark night of the soul if we are honest, but fortunately in many other works - particularly energy centre based ones such is often described with some realism. As we know - long development does by virtue alter our spiritual consciousness & here feelings of detachment ( from the conscious mind ) is only considered as a stage in the proceedings once we ignore the romantic fiction- an inevitable occurrence. Such literature when being beautifully imaginative is inspirational and very nice to read so long as we do not confuse the perspectives.

To try find some - Jungian structures can be useful, -they are quite accessible regardless of fact that they still require relative amounts of effort to understand - so to proceed.

To consider .... the ways that development alters our awareness by taking us from our workaday conscious mind much more frequently into the realm of Spirit - places few non developing persons experience. For instance habitually through the Unconscious (a deep reach of the conscious minds long term memory) - spiritual people visit that far more than spiritually neutral or atheist type persons .. ( ofc ). We expect ourselves to do far higher levels of inner space travel and this places us in contact with our Emotions by default. It happens to be that the Unconscious mind plays an extensive role in emotions. The Unconscious is linked to our Fight or Flight - hence the frequent apprehensive emotions we can experience. For that matter many dream products are processed by the unconscious implementing fear complexes - moreover though - how we sense danger is just part of how we are made, and those processes are dealt with by the unconscious just the same as feelings of joy are ( again imho ) - otherwise we'd simply lack these systems & be emotionless.

If we are getting the picture then we are building our awareness of how easy it is to stray into fight or flight areas of the mind that are subliminal and were designed by nature to protect us - but essentially - that they are not images or feelings which were meant to be confused with Spirit - or the astrals symbolic language producer The Subconscious - the linguistic of Spirit.

Very significantly if correct then - the unconscious might be where we store ( not the best of our knowledge as that is in our Inner Spirit ) - but certainly the best we can consciously access easily & articulate with when not within our inner spirit stream. Naturally then - just because the unconscious is also a very good image and feeling maker - that does not mean we communicate with the astral or spirit like through it. The difference is that the unconscious is a human collection of emotions & memories - a store we ourselves built up over life. We do this for many human reasons including survival - but equally for our own being and happiness. It uses a memory & the 'photographs' or 'films' remain in that bank. They are never perfected though being the experiments left behind - anything good we make in there is transferred to |Inner Spirit. Regarding all which we do evolve to higher states Inner Spirit will always be the beholder of the better models ( of our knowledges ). All of our best spiritual work is etched into the fabric of the Astral itself & we have Perceptual Access - how could we read another human if this all connectives were not so ?. So - the part we are really interested in for our spirit attunementit is not actually part of our physical brain. The Unconscious however - is a chemically driven memory (very much is part of our brain). It is a fine place since it also contains memories full of human experience of happiness. This form of duality gives a mental scrapyard & history of our evolving thoughts - our experiments over life - the fragments, the segments, the results of all our trials in life and our struggles to know spirit - all kinds of human experience - but it does not store our spiritual achievements in any form.

According to spirit teachers - all the successful parts ship to Inner Spirit being we have all connectives with the astral planes in that way :) - perhaps we will not get far in development unless we realise the universal positioning and nature of our best spiritual instincts - perhaps we will - spirit teaching is the best which its exponents can hear from spirit & each of us use freewill to decide as to each validity.

So these points might be understood as the essential neural pathway by which our tuning in takes ( realisations in Orientation ) - and this is even before we access the intended destinations such as the Subconscious & our Inner Spirit - we need to discover how to tune into those so that we can obtain the right sort of vibration to contact Spirit.

So for instance in all those years of development - our aim was to tune in so we travel our own minds in order to reach the best consciousness based control of our Inner Spirit. Then - it is from there we'd be in a position to communicate with disincarnate Spirit right ?. If it is right - it shall still remain that for this outlook to mean something a sense of Astral Topography needed to be gained - the act of visualisation of the inner journey we take during tuning into spirit - that is the point of all this but if we find it hard to feel the vibe of a human brain with the ability to link with the astral it shall be difficult and we might instead process the unconscious - you choose.

Simplified -

Conscious - Unconscious - Conscience - Subconscious - Inner Spirit

Where we consciously need to learn how to be cautious of the Unconscious - since it will flash up all kinds of distracting and irrelevant images.

If we have not been aware of the contents of the journey within then we have been vulnerable to obstacles in Attunement.

Every tuning in we do has us take this inner journey through our mind where in the process we experience the gradients of development. And we know - all of the experiences add up over the years and it alters our perception. We are particularly susceptible to the rigours of our own fear systems even though they are designed to prevent harm. However - in the unconscious the human memory store becomes highly convoluted and compressed over many years of living. We might also alter the original memories with our conscious mind or we might not - much depends on how we run our mind. If we have altered our recollections of things just to suit the way we want them to be (instead of the way they really were ) - then the unconscious will merely reflect that and may not any longer supply the originals - and it will willingly take over the process..

For example - Neuro Linguistic Programming ( in this case a group consciousness psychology - not singular ) but its re-modelling is to the unconscious and can cause people to believe all kinds of things that may not be to their advantage - instead - the manipulating force is advantaged by what it causes groups people to do. Thus we do not want to have pressed every button in the unconscious memory under the impression that what we can see there is Spirit.

In that tense - some of the best 'NLP' practitioners are GOOD PARENTS. Lets face it this isn't 'NLP' really it is sublime common sense hewn out of love. But parents with better awareness of either child psychology or lets say spiritual pedagogy can be expert at sublime insertions into the unconscious - which can do everything from keep their children safer to facilitating them to be cleverer. It very much depends on what the manipulation is for doesn't it ?. Also by cosmic bad luck some parents are so bad at it that their children become delinquents - but lets move on.

Hypnosis - contrary to even professional opinion goes nowhere near the Subconscious in my opinion - it alters the Unconscious where a therapist who has learned hypnosis well is effective with helping their subject realise such entanglements ..

I digressed again ... but - if we want to develop the Unconscious it is a bottom up process from the ROOT Chakra - ( not top down like with Inner Spirit ) - its bedrocks depend on advanced common senses which have a strong bifurcation with spiritual senses ( not our spiritual senses alone )

. ( if that makes sense ) :)

When we are experiencing Dissociative feeling hence are anxious it could be true to say that we have lost the ideal balance of our Root Energy Centre. Thus - if we have accumulated a large amount of belief in unconscious we are selecting images and emotions which are not valid or useful because they are designed for an entirely separate purpose. If they were allowed to take significant positions in our central beliefs we can mistake them for Spirit. This is why it could be important to note the unconscious minds association not only with primal images & memories but our fight or flight complexes.

Spirit guides do their very best to inform of the journey within but we might not always realise what they mean precisely.

In a nutshell my own best theory is that when we get this form of anxiety (and we know it is linked to spiritual development) - it is because we have embedded ideas in our conscious short term memory which we had seen within over the years which produce Fear. Possibly pieces of imagery which the unconscious intended to flash up only to prevent us from being harmed - meant to warn of trivial tight spots or real danger. If we could freeze frame every subliminal image that goes on in the unconscious - we'd see that just before we cross a road it shows us a person ( us probably ) being run over - and so on :) - we probably still have the fittings pertaining top when we first learned not to put our hand on the cooker oven door as a small child - etc etc. It stands to reason then that accurate sense of Attunement over long development is crucial - spirit will not mind us using much discernment so that we take care for our own benefit to be sure that any images we see are authentic Inner Spirit derived images Not Unconscious ones

It can take a while but not strangely not be overly difficult to cast our minds back thru the years and be honest with ourselves - did we embrace what we took as deep seated spiritual beliefs based on such reasoning? - ask ourselves - were the images correctly in alignment .. ??

Anyone doing this process of self evaluation have got their own noodle ( thus Energy Centres) - to balance nobody else is going to do it for us. It is pointless if we do suspect that X path that went on for 15 years and seemed sound might have been slightly red herring - the less integrated to spirit our beliefs are, the more we might feel anxious should they be artifact images which the unconscious which it has only used to save our asses.

Dark Entities for instance - nearly always images the unconscious used once in order to prevent young persons talking to strangers which were neuro - linguistically programmed by our parents - an example where the ethics of the programming were born of Love - and note every time not 1 but two people co-depend psychologically it becomes a 'group consciousness'. Anyway - 1 thing is for certain - we cannot afford to retain stuff is we sense it wasn't quite right even if it has existed for decades and we wasted much time on them if it is about SPIRIT - we can if our system is only preventing personal accidents etc.

Finally then - far be it from any of the above statements being intended to portray FACT - they might potentially be leads on a path for freeing up some memory due to discarding some concepts that didn't work. Or - re-remembering points in time that we allowed what might be fight or flight images to take up inner society - or whatever. Maybe just by looking at the ways such can happen it will release sufficient tension and the dissociation will become manageable

I'd feel we have to manage the feelings - they may not go away completely & there is a sense that you will succeed to a good degree to minimise the affects :)


Please ignore these keywords they are for other reasons

Altered state of consciousness
Coping (psychology)
Dissociative disorder
Dissociative Experiences Scale
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Dissociative substance
Emotional detachment
Fantasy prone personality
International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation
Psychological numbing
Repressed memory
Splitting (psychology)
Borderline personality disorder
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