Telepathy in autism

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Telepathy in autism

Postby Liz1966 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:28 pm

Hi there, I am hoping someone may be able to help. I have a non verbal autistic nephew and may sister has been using a relatively new technique called RPM with him which uses a board where he can point to letters to communicate. Initially we were so excited as this seemed to be a way into his world and he seemed able to know answers and write poetry and use words in a way we never believed possible ( he is 15). What my sister has discovered is that he is using telepathy and these are not his thoughts and words but hers. She has tested this out as she didn't want to believe it and can even get him to answer using a foreign language that she is fluent in and he has never learnt.
My reason for writing is that she is distraught now having thought this may be the answer for him to have some quality of life. I suggested that maybe if we had someone else who is telepathic in the room who could establish what kind of thoughts he is thinking himself to establish that he is capable of independent thought that this could be helping in knowing where to go next. We have no idea where to find someone honest and trustworthy who could work with him and so I am reaching out to see if anyone could help. They are based in Enfield, North London.
Many thanks for reading my post. From our little bit of research there seems to be a lot of non verbal autistic children who use telepathy.
Best wishes
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