Telepathy in autism

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Telepathy in autism

Postby Liz1966 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:28 pm

Hi there, I am hoping someone may be able to help. I have a non verbal autistic nephew and may sister has been using a relatively new technique called RPM with him which uses a board where he can point to letters to communicate. Initially we were so excited as this seemed to be a way into his world and he seemed able to know answers and write poetry and use words in a way we never believed possible ( he is 15). What my sister has discovered is that he is using telepathy and these are not his thoughts and words but hers. She has tested this out as she didn't want to believe it and can even get him to answer using a foreign language that she is fluent in and he has never learnt.
My reason for writing is that she is distraught now having thought this may be the answer for him to have some quality of life. I suggested that maybe if we had someone else who is telepathic in the room who could establish what kind of thoughts he is thinking himself to establish that he is capable of independent thought that this could be helping in knowing where to go next. We have no idea where to find someone honest and trustworthy who could work with him and so I am reaching out to see if anyone could help. They are based in Enfield, North London.
Many thanks for reading my post. From our little bit of research there seems to be a lot of non verbal autistic children who use telepathy.
Best wishes
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Re: Telepathy in autism

Postby ZZZEP » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:43 am

Hello Liz

I have been aware of you post since it arrived but due to other research commitments the opportunity to reply ( and to see if you are still around ) has only just come. I am an independent researcher in more than one field which includes autism and the kind of bodies i have advised include schools the department of education, OFSTED the mental health task force to name a few. In other completely separate studies i have collaborative links to cardiff university. But i shall mention that all bodies assisted were often via the mental health task force and was voluntary to be absolutely clear.

Firstly Liz - so that we can begin looking directly at potentials - can we look at the obstacles first ?

It is impossible quote for all on what the psychic & medium community's opinion of telepathy is firstly, but i can say it hasn't been anything very prominent. There is a fair difference between 'psychic' practices and telepathy much of which we can link to spiritualist philosophy. The same is true for mediumship - that is expounded via central tenets & ethics and the practices are linked to a very specific bringing of peace to minds and the cultivation of aesthetic awareness's of inner light. In some ways the parts which the sceptics tend to focus on are a trivial parts, whilst the belief itself in fact is driven most powerfully by the idealism attached to its spirituality - not any 1 sentence word or sentiment.

When it comes to telepathy we do not practice it as such because it lacks the philosophical ingredients which define the spiritualist path. Telepathy is by implication is almost a way of saying that the proponent can understand everything the next person is thinking, and this does not go on in psychic sittings - it is always clear that the subjective hopes to strike sufficient chords. But then again you see the part following this which the sceptics ignore - a very main object of the exercise being to help cause a positive change with regards to persons spiritual focus & personal resilience particularly emotionally.

I am speaking for the average spiritualist ( or some of them in fact ) - the professionals who have fee's would have to speak of this separately according to that, - & for all i know it is the same or similar. However - certainly when it comes to the very reason to take vocation without profession we are able to work closely with the philosophical texture of the intentions and pursue the belief that the world is a better place with happiness in mind body & spirit - so the point is to deliver spiritual peace & share good spiritual experience.


There is 1 ( common ) significant way that telepathy enters the consensus of opinion in the psychic community ( there might be more ). But that is the conjecture that inspirations received might be telepathic ones from other humans in the global consciousness context. If so - this situation does not involve conventional one to one / person to person reading - it is separate and happening just to the spiritualist & potential other - picking inspirations up as we go in life sometimes suspected they could be telepathic ones with unknown persons.

Perhaps another person deeply committed to thinking about the concepts we use - somewhere

Many psychics try to evaluate if they received idealist thoughts from living persons that are not there known persons in sitting - then - might wonder if it is a link to someone they other side of the world etc as discussed. Usually that only happens if the spiritualist can say they are being inspired significantly on an ongoing basis but rarely can they link it to people they have with them in their organized reading situations.

Do you see the perspective intended Liz ? - Telepathy is something taken into consideration on a few levels in spiritualism, but is not an officially any direct practice. Even this does nor preclude the existence of leading edge opinion about it though - but i digress - what you see stated is just to best of my knowledge as to where the community approximately stands that is all.


A collective unconscious source as per Jung perhaps or a legend like the akashic records is something else which is similar, but most accurately that is not 'telepathy' - telepathy needs to be going on between two human minds to retain its definition. Thus - a collective concept is an infinite source of 'mind' - an astral one at that and some spiritualists do not care for its mention as they prefer to assign that to Guides .

I mention that because it is also something for yourself to consider as another conjecture in psychic debate questions whether a logic is possible where it is this fabric of knowledge which becomes the reason why unknown & inspiring thoughts are happening - the psychic side isn't so fraught with essential guide interaction you see ( compared to mediumship ).

I tend to advocate the hypothesis that a unconscious collective is a strong potential when it comes to psychic work - but that is by the by :)

To close for now i have tbh with you i have scribbled this down a quickly as i could - i want to see if you are still around before looking to see if we can proceed on the other topics


ZEP - (((O)))
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