Dream Classes may return in the Autumn

Ask our teachers questions about psychic development and mediumship.

Dream Classes may return in the Autumn

Postby ZZZEP » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:39 pm


Dream Classes are not active at present - please look out for them in the near future

Old Class Notes :

For dream class on Tuesday 7TH

Due to several classes now where a lot of time was spent working hard on technique, it is time with both dream class ( and Reiki ) to go with the intuition flow exclusively for the next 4 or so This will allow that work to settle in, and we can revisit those ways of thinking in 4 or so classes time. Thank you all for having a really great work ethic and being willing to give up some standard reading time.

During any interludes between reads the discussions will be equally as intuitive and in keeping with the 4 classes when we can really just stream the dream right from the Heart instead of ( as it was sometimes ) - the Head - being willing to think and work does alter the flow but that is a price worth investing sometimes

So brilliantly well done all - it will be intriguing to see how the class evolves and am looking forward to more great dream revelations from you all

For these coming weeks just cool reading vibes rule - thank you again & see you there ;)


T-Journeys A JOURNEY INTO TAROT is every Wednesday ( 9.00 PM UK ) & is not to be missed !! - ) :)

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Re: Dream Class Technical Post & Debrief

Postby ZZZEP » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:54 pm

Dream Class Debrief

28TH - Even Better - probably because we could just practice and let it roll. But it was easy to tell that hard work investment is paying off as there was amazing reading. Em's commitment and energy is a wondrous thing and she is there for everyone as well as being the best medium here. So as is predictable Em read superbly. Eny is showing her ability & consistency and I have to say she made the most psychologically interesting contributions during some exceptional reads. A general reminder about sensitivity due to the delicate issues was stated. But please do not see that as yours lacking it - it is a brilliant read. Similarly Andy is ultra consistent and finds ways in to get info out & using lots of resourcefulness to lok for leads in the dream texts.

** Eny please post that read on the dream in the forum **

We hardly discussed technique then but will have to go back into a phase eventually ( April ) - the tiny bit that was mentioned help re-focus of the way signs in dreams that equate to matters such as Chakras can really help broaden the meanings. Do keep those and any Astrological clues in mind guys - for that matter use Numerology - parallels seen to Tarot - in the end you'll have more info that you need not less :)

-Remember class Ethos -

Always winning because you are there - if you read as well that is great :)

Thank you again for efforts all your efforts to improve your dream reading


21ST- Superb class - it seemed a bit hard going at first because i made the mistake of thinking that you'd all just pull a tarot and know what i was on about. But once we got going there were amazing moments with outstanding contributions, and once some of these ideas have had a chance to rest a while i'd be sure they become second nature. We are having a good rest from having to think in classes anyway its going to be pure instinct for over a month, so that will give us all a good bit of time to be evolved.

I have to say i was impressed with the progress only proving that it takes great readers to pull further evolution out of the bag really

The Reiki Healing Well Being & Emotional Release Class this Saturday was already set to go with flow and take a break from the intellects interference - so look forward to seeing you there in the more idyllic mode

You are showing your class guys xx isn't lucky that Em & Moo kept the flame burning when things were in the doldrums - they never gave up xx



Please see these remarks ( weekly ) if you want to follow up on the developments. Although - this is a big one to cover where we got to so far over several classes. But the real weekly debriefs will only be slim, - and there are also significant Yahoo Ranking reasons for extended pieces - which means more traffic - which means more members.

A pint of Fosters and a missionary sandwich please - ( lets hope we now get some australians & papua new guinea members back )

But first !! .. Its ..

So far

It is clear that there are plenty of good readers here, would love to list them all but all reads were good.

This ladder is in non mandatory use to assist those who care to focus with greater intent on some formalized attunement process. Freewill as always is in force & nobody is claiming this is - the only - the actual - the exclusive - the 1 way we might tune in - but it is pretty reliable and at least fairly close to the truth.


Conscious - Unconscious - Subconscious - Conscience - Inner Spirit - Astral - Spirit

Don't think about any of it whilst you are actually tuning in - it is not the time !!. If you are going to acknowledge it at all, - then consider it during your free research time - and then be @ max subliminally aware of it other times :)


Easy - the way we are in the ordinary everyday conscious mind - just us as usual


Described as a deeper seat of the conscious & we store life long memories here. Imagination, creativity, endless amounts of stereotype 'plays' - it is a place we know well but is right on the back burner of the conscious mind. It prevents irrelevant information flooding the conscious, it is a kind of deep locker which we go to retrieve information from when we want it - it keeps things safe so that our every day mind is clearer. The unconscious uses a different language formed out of either singular images or whole scenario's. It is almost illiterate when it comes to speech & language. Dialogue & feelings in dreams are inserted by the conscious, our mind is designed to superimpose our emotional frontal consciousness upon these strings of memory & scenes.



Imho - the subconscious is often mistaken for the Unconscious but is far more remote & long away. It uses a totally different language ( again ) - this time symbolic artifacts or intense short passages. It cannot form chains of dream tapestry itself ( the actual tie -ups that give a 'story' will have been inserted by the Unconscious ). But the Sub is a meaning machine where powerful symbols are concerned. After the unconscious has grabbed what the Sub gave and then given it further processing before 'presenting it' to the conscious - we might get to remember the dream.

In many ways - both the unconscious and the sub might be seen as obstacles to out conscious understanding. In this way of thinking we need to consider if universal law essentially requires us to encounter neuro - linguistic obstacles like these. Would we need incarnation if not ? would it only be a permanent state of perfection in the spirit world on one hand - or - an obstacle free earth life where we know everything if we were doing challenge free thinking here ?. We certainly do not have a challenge free consciousness - thus these matters that obstruct can define the struggle for development & incarnation quite a bit.

That quite possibly is our mind state, - this Ladder is just a list of descriptions for an attunement psychology - or rite of passage - pilgrims progress - keys to ascension - jacobs ladder / tree of life - spiritualist development - honky tonky toolery' - whatever - it is a chance to use something that has proven its worth through long research

Honky tonky tho - is one of my guides is gay or something - is one of yours ?. Knowing i know & love so many gay ppl my missus would wet herself if i asked her and just say yes definitely But anyway honky unconscious 1970's stereotyping or whatever - lets roll on :roll:

When it comes to requests by incarnates to know more of the Astral then Guides have to observe universal laws. If there really is a law of obstacles concerning minds incarnation it is a universal law. The desire to read the Astral - ( mediumship is an exception / irrelevant - place aside ) - is responded to by guides who give us symbolic information which we have to learn to understand as we develop. In this theory then , - guides help us by giving us the means to both receive & decipher symbols. Inner spirit is the prime receiver, the conscience is buzzed through with it, but the subconscious holds the pure symbology. By development efforts we are letting the subconscious vibe them into the unconscious ( all symbols have vibes ) - the unconscious makes matches to picture scenes from its experiential memory bank - matches the right scenes to the vibe - we dream - the conscious received meaningful weirdness.

If we read them good we've finally received astral messages right ? - So again -it is just a strategy in development as usual . ;)



Lets put this crudely :? - we can fool the everyday conscious mind easily. Similarly - we can store reams and reams of misconception ( as well as wisdom ) - in the Unconscious which can then reinforce our errors in the conscious. The subconscious really could not give a damn because it does not use cognition it uses pure meta - cognition concerned only with those symbols. Whilst the conscious can dig deep for meta - cognition and find it from the unconscious as both have cognitively based pathways throughout of them and both will respond to higher ( meta cognitive ) exploration when we try but it isn't uninterrupted like a - 'supra-meta-cognition'- without limits - which goes on being spirit & our subconscious. Instead it is only as good as our conscious mind can power - it does has limits - we can get stronger.

But we will never fool the Conscience - it is the true record of what we have learned to be within this incarnate life. But the conscience is possibly the quantity of soul level energy which will one day be added to the real ( entire ) - Soul. - 1 of the many if past lives is true.

What is Soul then ? - the valid debate is that it is the essence that contains the fact about every life we have had. Therefore - there has to be an individual vessel that can add new contents to the whole every time we incarnate

I.E - the sum total of all our past lives = 'The Soul' - if the theory of reincarnation is correct - do not forget these are only spiritual logic's please -

But look at it this way.

Suppose that a person who has been incarnating has done so 20 times in absolute total - then - the twenty times there was a Conscience that needed to be added to The Soul

Thus 1 Conscience for a person who has lived 40 times shall = one fortieth (1 part of 40) of his or her entire Soul rite ?. But that is irrelevant in a sense as we will not ever 'know' such astral numbers - impossible. The point of this demo of numbers is only in order to explain this position on what ( potentially this is ) - a conscience means in relation to a SOUL. It is really important to get this in order to get the perspective on how soul unfolds itself in 1 life & all lives. We are spiritualists and should not be mystified by these matters, - even when we are remaining open minded we need to grasp the concepts. But then reincarnating logic's never were flavour of month in spiritualism - however

On a simple level - the conscience is the proof of who we love, who we don't - what we like / what we do not so on. For example - we can lie & deceive ourselves in the conscious mind, - & the unconscious will even back that up if we wish -it will throw in tons of stored misconceptions for good measure too if we accept that process consciously


But Guys :arrow:

Spirit can take 1 look @ our conscience and know exactly where we are @ - the conscience is a universal record of the true state of us & beyond error or misconception. It is not cognitive, is not not meta - cognitive - It is a distillation of fact about our life, its motives, its feelings, its values and everything. The Conscience will have been collated by the most accurate recorder there is - creation itself. We cause its contents to be as they are,- but the astral calculates it -( or that might be a good way to view this).

Therefore - what we understand relative to requests we make to know the astral can only be met by what we are capable of understanding. That is measured by what the true nature of our conscience happens to be ( in reliable terms this is) - theoretically). So for example - If we want to know X thing about the astral there must be a reason that is a Y. This 'Y' can be because we authentically want to give Peace to someone in need. Thus Guides will read our conscience in order to tell what to that respond with. Really - all we need to do is have genuine reasons for our requests in order to have validity in asking for information linked to universal laws - any read it that. However - because of the universal law of correspondences, - they have to give us astral information in symbols .. & we can respond intellectually - Intuitively - or Both.

For Reading

Symbols vibe = Intuition = Read

For teaching

Symbol Vibe = Intellect = Intuition = Teach

For Advanced Reading ( similar to 'for teaching' )

We have to accept the struggle - [i]as it greatly defines a part of incarnation

That we have to develop a means by which to unscramble astral information all by ourselves is just a fact. We use means of practice & sharing to facilitate it (OFC)

Which is learning Intuition isn't it ?? - in this case making an effort with a methodology to help. Not essentially - but sometimes being a bit stubborn and too resolved to teach ourselves only by intuition ( methodology virginity - without taking an aspirin - vit pill - being all vegetarian etc ) - might only delay without proper reason & and be a folly. People pass before they get there sometimes and some of us just need to use a method. If your intuition is constantly keeping you on the same base year on year & nothing is changing then something else is required to boost that intuition - but hey lets get back on track

The conscience will do 1 thing @ the end of the day - store the true essence of our goodness or badness so that the soul record it shall be added to is pin point accurate. So - it might be true to say that it is very much a case here of spending time to consider our conscientious reasoning's in all spiritualist endeavours - and there is more to the whole subject of the conscience surely - but for these dream read technique purposes that shall suffice it


Inner Spirit

Lets not get confused with the way direct communication during mediumship works very attuned to inner spirit for guides & spirit. We sail close during most types of reading, but we do not quite go there in dream reading. Rather - we are astrally attuned when dream reading for the matter of those much aforementioned symbols & stereotype vibes which we want to learn of.

So Wait - this is not about sitting ourselves and thinking about it like this : - Oh how am i going to attune today, - erm - what should i think about when tuning to this psychic ladder method thing bob ding dang doo - i have got to think conscious, then unconscious, then subconscious blah blah blah - hey just a moment - :ugeek: Hi !!

:ugeek: << ( Oh no its Cecil my stalker meme from the great protohomosapiomos ) :o

What do you want Cecil ? ( is he a bird is he a plane is he my consciousness )

:ugeek: You Are Fat

Ok :? - can you see what i have to put up with ?


Natural selection causes us to constantly self doubt - part of development is to learn to compartment those doubts. We all get little episodes so try to go about the development strategy in focus - put any niggling sounds aside - review the doubts later if you choose. Try not to let unconscious self doubt figments take over that is all.

Moving on - Again - think about the landscape purely during other times. When you are going to read the idea is to have forgotten the ladder structure - then - concentrate & focus on what you are actually going to read - ( spirit - dreams - psychic ) .

This way - the attunement a non event really, the type of read you intend to perform shall define it, there is just the usual relax & visualize steps to attune with. Type of attunement then It is easily defined just by the type of Information you shall be passing on in other words ;)

Simple !!! - attunement still autonomous but we did well in personal developmental research by looking much more coherently, - throwing in a bit of logic - psychological tooling ( call it what you will ) - and your Inner-Vision is being stimulated. Tbh - making the effort is the thing with imprints it on the memory

Guides & spirit will reward this whether you take up this recommended way or another ( if it truly gives you understanding ) - you choose - but do Trust Your Guides

Now Moo's Chakras


Looking radiant isn't she ..

Astral & Spirit

In dream reading we are literally requesting help from guides in the knowledge of the astral planes. Spirit are always close but will be silent for obvious reasons. Development Guides ( it could be true to say ) - can be ( at times ) - collectives of spirit which tend to be represented as if just 1 'spirit person'. How ? - because unlike during incarnate life guides have it very easy in being in absolute agreement with each other thus will speak as 1 whole - with one symbolic meaning ( as a guide collective to that whole. We do not know if this theory of guides is right, but say it was - there could be 3 - 6 - 9 - in a collective.

* It is debatable what a development guide is & it hasn't been very clear how they should be defined beyond that very developmental guide label. Apparently they as Spirit is not acceptable - they as astrally intelligent fabric is not acceptable . The situation itself ( is in fact ) - unacceptable as it is wasting valuable reader resource and is a 'bit' disrespectful to them for that reason. 'The Word' used in some spiritual communities for a representation of a spiritual force in the fabric of the universe tends to be Archetype - but since this sort of word will ( i feel ) always grate against the sensibilities in spiritualism it is probably not the best word to proceed with. The other consideration is the realistic attitude ( by spiritualism ) that spirit alone can remark of post incarnate destiny & mediumship. But there is no need to class guides as that kind of spirit anyway, and It is hard to suggest a term under the circumstances. I just want to avoid a pointless obstacle in the classes, and my own feeling seems to direct toward advice which denotes guides 'Spirit' in some way. But we do not want a different confusion either, & since term Developmental Guide always was adequate as the under title - we just need a better word on what the theoretical origin is.

I feel that Astral Spirit might be the answer - we would still need to maintain the demarcation which always existed in knowing that 'Spirit' are the energy we work through during mediumship. But like this developmental guides would be desribed to originate as astrally based intelligent forms of energy. Existent in the cosmos - 'Spirit' differ as spiritualist tenets discuss them as spiritworld in origin (ofc).


There as to be a difference - the spiritworld has a planes of existence, the fabric of the cosmos is everywhere all around everything

Therefore if the term 'Astral Spirit Guide' occurs during classes, please acknowledge that it is just a term we are using for universal intelligence - ( developmental guides ) - and that this form of 'Spirit' is not being compared to those we encounter in mediumship - and i'd hope we are good ?

i know it would seem a lot of effort just for sake of clarity in our class


Simple Example - a collective - but just showing as a Piscean Lady

Pinch of salt but hey look it could even be the 1 guide & their incarnate Pupils. Imagine that ? - who are you helping to develop if that was a case ? - who is helping you ?. Does an intelligent Gaia style earth cause this possibility ? - what would be the significance of this form of collective unconscious if reliable?

How do we define 'Reliable' anyway - can it be by the experimenting we can do to find when something works for us ?

Could it be true to say that good developmental practice will seek and find ways by which persons of different mindset can adapt their development ?

Or is this just the way a collective Unconscious works in any case . For those keen on akashic ideals & such could be remotely so - can it explain the sometimes 'my usual guidance seems absent feeling?. For consider - they'd never all be tuned in together would they :?: - the guide would always be in on it but what about other part of the collective the guide is helping ?

Is this sort of thought process can be good way to follow through on our developmental logics :arrow:



Who knows

No Seriously - who cares too - just use ur intuition alone if you want to - USE YOUR IMAGINATION - use these methods & them - mix / match whatever - some will feel that to embrace such logic based structures is to draw astral guides closer, - others will see it another way

Weekly debriefs will now list down here to cover a small round-up of some of the best class activities - inspired contributions ( so on ) - starting from this Tuesday :) - thank you all for your consideration - ( even if you didn't make it here without losing the will to live ) ..


May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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