Could this be "possession"?

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Could this be "possession"?

Postby Claudi02017 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:08 pm

Hello all x

I feel I need some enlightenment after a couple of "experiences".

The most recent one occured over a month or so ago.

I was semi conscious and aware of my surroundings. I suddenly felt a wave of cold - colder than cold - enter and spread though my body three times in a row. I became quite frightened when I realized what was going on and couldn't move. I then found myself responding something along the lines of: "... but it's so cold. Why is it so cold...?"

I woke up feeling as if something or someone was taking over my body or desperately trying to communicate.

My previous experience was a lot more terrifying and I had to sleep with the lights and tv on for about 2 months. Fortunately, I don't get those very often. Apparently, there are quite a few spirits trying to send me messages but I feel like I'm always missing or not hearing what they are trying to tell me. It's frustrating...

Can an experienced medium shed some light on this? I will be visiting a spiritualist church with a friend next month but something tells me that I need a more indepth private reading. It's just that I'm very wary of fake mediums....
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Re: Could this be "possession"?

Postby ZZZEP » Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:58 pm

Hi Claudi

The nearest this comes to a possession is by your own ghost in your own machine - your inner spirit. But really it feel like a matter of balances on the psychic trapeze :)

These sound like 'Hypnagogic Experiences' - which i feel is generally a better term than hypnagogic dream in cases that a person is semi conscious to the degree that waking up is as close as it can be. It is a harmless conflict between normal states where at same time where an X state is still ingressing into a Y when the timing is wrong. . So i'm using a bit of a borderline distinction here - where basically - if this was a bit deeper in sleep and further away from the conscious then hypnagogic dream ( the more usual term ) might have been selected. But here the conscious is being so manipulated by unconscious artifacts, - that 'Experience' is arguably more accurate because this is almost entering the everyday mind at the time.

* Later when i happen to re-read your account you have already classed it as an Experience

Lets be clear for ourselves - simple definition of the conscious as we know it is the everyday familiar think state most of the time yes ?. But it has to transition to accommodate certain other states we need so we can rest - blah blah - those states run their own course - blah blah.

Just for sake of reference - we use what is not only a Jungian Model here - but in fact a spiritual theory of mind that is the most accepted across spiritual literature in that we closely study the interplay between the conscious mind - the unconscious mind - & the subconscious. Alternately - it is common for many to class 'Unconscious' and 'Subconscious' as the same thing. When that is the case a vital difference between the two is missed - the subconscious is symbolic whilst the unconscious is stereotype

So for instance :

The subconscious is an infinite spiritual memory -

The unconscious is a long term but finite human memory ..

There are lots of distinctions that i wont continue with here - but when it comes to most hypnagogic experiences a form of chaotic interplay is going on between the 3 - mainly because the conscious in everyday circumstances is used to a fairly predictable order and interaction between itself and the other two. However - Hypnagogic circumstance is a fairly rare opportunity for our experience to be surreal because the strange workings of both are beginning to leak into the mind we use whilst awake - which is solved ofc by waking up completely, and they are no longer able to leak.

So - if we get just for example 'sleep paralysis' or like yours an unusual neurological response with the cold feelings - that is another aspect inasmuch as our nervous system is not properly booted up at the time ( much of it is disabled during sleep ) - and this whole hypnagogic affair is a case of a bit of a silly season effect where all our normal reflexes and functions of mind ( sleep or otherwise ) gave got jumbled for a little while and are cancelling out each others terms of all the usual normality - (which by dichotomy is a quite normal to occurence once in a while)

It is never that common - but is far more so among people who are at the time studying and developing spiritually. Spiriual philosophy shifts our energy centres. Thus in that way it is fairly easy to understand why this event as you mention church ( and there is a sense of other development about you ).

Another perspective that is probably true - energy centres are basically what they talk about in neuroscience as our nervous systems. It is hardly surprising then that if we shift our energy it can play with the buttons that regulate our sleeping dreaming and inner spirit attachments - and we might well experience this

The Unconscious -

A deep reach of the conscious mind (just to confuse you) - a memory bank and reflex crossover - the place that knows our fears and our joys - it is dark it is light - it contains our creativity and ability to be destructive ( much more besides - much of it beautiful ) - & is the main protagonist in hypnagogia. It gets help from the subconscious at the time because the sub will automatically spike a great deal in response to the wild time the unconscious is having. But really both rarely get the chance to catch the conscious mind out of synchronization with our nervous systems like this - if they did every morning or pre- waking up moment would be as camp as a circus :)

Sanity is the entity which which provides the frameworks for mind phenomenon to work normally ofc, but even these episodes are part of the sanity network - nothing is more normal that to occasionally just slip between functions whilst waking up and witness the strange world of our inner being. We are a brilliant design - regardless of whether there really was a creator, or we did truly become a cell in a primitive soup - divide into more cells - grow and eye - a leg - then nonchalantly begin walking around as a newts upon an atheist plane - we are nonetheless amazing creatures.

If you are still around do let us know how the development at church went - or meet up in our chat lobby and take our free classes



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