Help with a ghost please

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Help with a ghost please

Postby ClaireG » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:46 pm

Hi, I'd like some advice please, I recently looked after 2 dogs in an old cottage in the new forest, I was sitting in the lounge watching the TV and could hear footsteps walking across the room above and all kinds of noises coming from the room, My mind tried to reason that it must be pipes cooling or just noises that an old cottage would make. When the owners of the dogs and cottage came home I was half laughing when I asked if they had a ghost, they said ''Well yes, our daughter sees a man in her room'' this was the room I could hear footsteps in and they said she sees him sitting in the corner in the lounge where I was sitting. They both said they hear footsteps upstairs.
SO.... my worry is that I've agreed to look after the dogs whilst they're away, honestly I'm really freaked out that proof of an afterlife pops up right infront of me in the dark, please help with some advice how to cope with this and maybe to help the ghost?
Thank you so much
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