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Dream & Vision

Postby LoriJeanne12 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:24 pm

I would like to share some experiences that I have had in my life that you may be interested in reading as well as hear what your thoughts are on this.
My first vision that I can remember happened shortly after my grandfather passed. I was a single mom who was separated from my x husband, and we were both talking about moving together to a a new province and starting over. Prior to getting together and starting our new life one night I was awoken by a gost who was sitting on the end of my bed , he was slender and someone I didn't recognize but I could see through him. He specifically said "Don't worry everything will be okay". To make a long story short.... my x and I did get together, moved to another province, it was a short time together due to differences that could not be reconciled, money was very tight, and with the little money I tried my luck at bingo, won every time & enough to be able to go back to my province, and get my full time job back.

This was interesting. I was studying tarot cards with a lady, roughly a year & half before 911,
I had a dream where a plane hit a tall Building. It wasn't two buildings just one in. Big city.
What happened after that was all I could see in the dream was purple, falling from the plane as well as taste purple.
I know it sounds odd but it was so real. I did tell my tarot teacher about it the next day as I could still taste this purple flavour in my mouth.

My late grandmother was a very beautiful woman, & very independent. When she passed away it wasn't in her home but the hospital. A few month after her passing I had gone to her home to help out with getting her home ready to be sold. I was planning on spending the night there after reading some magazines. I was up in my moms childhood bedroom reading a magazine and could hear my grandmothers distinct cough in her kitchen. She always smoked there and had a smokers.cough. It was her as all the windows were closed.

When my father passed, it was two weeks later and I had a dream where he was what I call the recovery department. He was laying in a hospital bed, it was a black & white vision and the nurse was dressed all in white. With the white hat.
She was holding his replica nose in her hand, and telling him it's ok your Alive even though his nose was still attached to his face. He said. "but my Hearts been Pierced"

One more story, I was in the spiritual. Church and an English psychic was giving readings when all I could taste was apples in my mouth, then she came to me. and said something about apples, I told her about how I could taste Apples, then I immediately started tasting cake.
She said you will be celebrating something soon.
I told her about tasting cake. She said I was Clair something.

I've had other things happen, it wanted to share today.
Thanks for reading.
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Re: Dream & Vision

Postby ZZZEP » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:35 am

Hi Lori

That is a very intriguing set off accounts across several psychic & medium levels and an opinion on them interspersed with some reading it is well disposed for that here i'd agree. Perhaps in a spiritually philosophical kind of way - you give indications with regard to your developmental activities where is easy to see how phenomena is attracted. Therefore it is not much of a mystery that spirit is around you nor that the 4 clair faculty going on given the psychic medium style energy potential you have.

Perhaps there is a sense of mish mash or disjointed experience indicated, - allthough yourself has ventured to churches and taken part in development maybe things haven't quite clicked into place yet ? - is that where you are ?. But certainly there is a lot of phenomena around you both psychic & medium.

Accounts relating to a ghostly visitor at the end of the bed used to be quite common once. Curiously most stories i have heard going back to the 1970's indeed have them described as ghost strangers - but usually when the person relating isn't a medium - in a sense that is an open question with you. But anyway - a typical medium will want to say right away that ghosts cannot speak or interact with our environment since they are an astral recording. Nonetheless really it must be up to you to actually designate this experience - you decide - but it can be much better for you to choose & make of it what you will.

I will add this though - whether you had an exo- psychological phenomena or not this wasn't someone you recognized, - therefore - something to consider whether an aspect of your own inner spirit is significant. I mention this due to the vital non recognition factor - but also because their was a guidance & reassurance message involved. On this point - it could be suggested that this type of experience is therefore 'A Guide' - I'd find that unlikely. But - when we consider that in theory guides need to interface with our inner spirit ( in order for our conscious mind to receive ) - then it backs up the idea of this being an inner spirit experience. It is best to be open minded though - and then ideally be clair cognizant for any future indications which might help decide the meaning for you.

On Tarot % 911

In the psychic community during the years leading up to that event ( particularly in the 90's ) a lot of people were predicting a stupendous beautiful new awakening for humankind. This was described this quite forcefully at times as persons were ( in effect ) gambling entire psychic developments on it. These messengers were speaking for a complete & profound spiritual evolution across the globe caused by a divine intervention - which is a huge statement. Some said spirit - some said aliens - a few said 'the crystal skull' - next to nobody said 'God' - but all of the versions were rather ridiculous. Divisions opened in the community when met with reasonable cautious scepticism and those with the global awakening aspirations could be quite challenging and rude about it - although it was fine really. But it did affect the community socially because often charges of 'negative energy' were cast upon any contrary opinion no matter how reasonable - and that was a bit tricky - people made trouble about it and it was all a bit unfortunate.

Sadly they were completely wrong about a humanwide spiritual intervention - 911 has proven to be a catalyst to a contrary state of affairs since then the world has in fact descended into decadence. Thus sometimes the trouble with the psychic community it shoots itself in the foot - where philosophically it can prefer dreamers who have no control over what can be 100% whole positive energy fantasies. Pragmatists are often rejected being regarded as debunkers or negative people.

We need our pragmatism in this stuff - sometimes called grounding - where often even the word 'Grounding' is accused of being nonsense by mediums who maximize the ideals 'positive energy' to the point of social unrest and disintegration

In colour spirituality terms 911 was one of the largest black cloaks ever cast across humankind. At the same time it was also heavily overlaid with Spiritual Purple - and had infinite burst of white light emanating from it also (IMHO ). If so - to the more pragmatist psychic 911 and the years since have heralded a dark period for spirituality against ( perhaps ) a virgoan balance of new potential for spiritual growth & inspiration hidden in darkness ( within the purple energy ) - and with the very numerous by obtuse shafts of brilliant white light also mentioned. By this form of description we might see many obstacles and many opportunities combined and wrapped within the same energy

Quite a different palette of spiritual opportunity than many spoke of if so isn't it - but it really does look like we have to proceed and find spiritual evolution with evil all around us

Overall concerning all of humanity ? - as a spiritual race we just never were going to get any insight from from the kind of all positivist fantasy dreaming some indulged in. If anything the divine world just seemed to say

Much of humanity seem to have a deficit in understanding the spiritual importance of handling negative obstacles - try this one for size

911 is a tough lesson basically - but i can validate the purple sense in it - good call

Your spiritual strength is strongly indicated in these accounts Lori - i'd feel the combination of the 'ok' message and sense of purple applies on several levels. It works in everyday senses for you, ( applicable to daily concepts) - but also wants any unconscious fears you might have about our life after death destiny to be assured. In global terms a lot of people look at todays world and lose some faith. But somehow everything for everyone will be alright - there is a powerful illusionary nature to the events upon the earth .

Trust your inner spirit Lori

On Grandmother

If these matters are so you are alluding to your clair faculties again

On the Father Dream.

So far most of what you related are cognitive / clair- cognizant artifacts, but this dream has some extremely convoluted subconscious symbology as well. I can only assume the so called 'false nose' was part of the dream yes ? If so it might be a subconscious dream element. You go on to say his 'real nose' was still attached. These are very unique to you symbols but all people get similar.

Then you have his exclamation ' My heart has been pierced'.

A lot of people might read such as meaning ' sense of smell is cut off' which is fine and that is good reading. Personally i feel that this type of interpret might be under powered here related to subconscious & unconscious level meanings taking the big picture of your info in. I sense tht feelings about your father have entwined with all your conceptualization of life after death - and then as such it became something which was offered to your conscience. ( which is in the inner spirit ). The subconscious offers our ideals at that level, and if matters require further consideration the sub passes them back to the unconscious

Which then has the means to represent them to our conscious minds - this dynamic circle is Development - things can pass backwards & forwards as we refine our knowhow

If so - the nature of the dream images means that a conceptual matter ( of some kind ) - isn't quite in balance. What will have happened in theory is that your unconscious mind presented its best conceptual idea ( possibly about life after death - your father ) - to the subconscious - which is the part of our mind which can interface with our Inner Spirit - which in turn can ask the spirit world for guidance

We consciously seek developmental ideas & matters on good conscience and set them forth in mind - these depart the conscious and attempt this rite of passage

unconscious - subconscious - inner spirit - astral - Spirit

Any ideals that were not formed enough are returned to the conscious for more consideration - any that spirit found agreeable = Development

Thus - these symbols concerning nose - piercing & Father ( i am only offering the opinion ) - might just relate to a few harmless and ironic feelings concerning what happens to the physical body as we return to dust but our spirit separates and passes to the spirit world. As clearly opinionated already - these could be aspects of what happened to your conscious thoughts about it once they became 'unconscious' and tried to present to the subconscious. . The sign given by the nurse dressed in white is a positive form of assurance that your inner spirit inserted fro that subconscious foray and is indicative of your love for him - your feelings succeeded in bringing a clear angelic archetype forth with this nurse and is a very positive element.

The monochrome is interesting - it could be stated that it means 'do not regard these nose ' ( etc) symbols literally as 'black or white' truths - or maybe it is a subconscious indication saying that the spiritual conceptual frameworks all exist with your conscience, - maybe saying - there is only a need to develop further clarity. Certainly the kind of disjointed images the subconscious seems to have contributed seem to be asking you to challenge a few long held belief concepts - perhaps so that the kind of path you have to your inner spirit is more adept at visualization & can give you more peace of mind about life after death ideals

Please treat all the Jungian style dream analysis as grist to the mill - i do :)

On Church

Again numerous indications of 4 clair psychic ability

I'd like to thank you very much for relating your feeling experiences and insight - they way you discuss it shows a lot of depth and a great deal of ability i'd feel. This forum is taking opportunities to expand and describe potential meanings in greater detail than usual at present in order to generate material - but it takes wonderfully interesting accounts like yours in order to get that opportunity.

It has been a pleasure to offer these perspectives for your consideration & good luck with everything

May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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