Visits by loved ones who have passed

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Visits by loved ones who have passed

Postby bmeehan1 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:06 am

Hello this is my first post and would like to know if anyone might have had the same experience as this or may know what it means as I have searched many websites and have not yet found anything that mentions this of all the many dream interpretations. I have repeatedly dreams of my son who has passed a year ago. The dreams are always different and of normal daily activities but in the dream I never really see or hear my son speak but his presence is there, like he's either behind me or just out of view. I communicate with him but never do I see him but yet I can see others in the dream and their talking but never does he but yet I'm communicating with him.
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Re: Visits by loved ones who have passed

Postby Emerald111 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:40 pm

Hi bmeehan,sorry for your loss xxxx One of the ways our dear ones let us know they are live and well is in dreams because in waking state all the feelings resulting from the grief can be an obstacle.If the child is very young,an older relative who's there will be with him to do the communication.The important thing is that you feel his presence as we receive through different clairs and clear feeling or knowing can be your strongest clairs .Communication is mind to mind link,the communicator impresses the mind of the receiver with the information they want to put through.This is not always easy to do,nor we can always receive everything,so we pick up something and not other.Feeling and knowing are as valid as seeing is,just different way of receiving.
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