Energy Transfer in a Castle; no picture needed

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Energy Transfer in a Castle; no picture needed

Postby GreenQuartzDreamer » Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:58 am

In light of the full snow moon lunar eclipse tonight I'll tell a ghost story!

Went to a castle last August. Arrived in the morning, between 8-9am at opening. Walked in, was greeted by an older lady who works as a tour guide for that castle. She grabbed me and said, quick, before the French tourists pour in (there was a large group of them right behind us). She led me 1 room over to a dining room on the 1st floor and said, 'stand right here'. I closed my eyes and could immediately feel what felt intensity, ecstasy.. It wasn't so much that my hair stood on end but I was amazed at how much I could feel my blood circulating, my chest smouldered & radiated, and I felt glued to the floor by a polar tug. Not sure who exactly the energy belonged to because the castle had been passed to different owners and at one time served as a military hospital. There's always a lot of energy at former military hospitals but this one didn't drain me... it was strong, noticeable and inspirational. Anyways, hope that spirit is in a good place and that I didn't offend it by using the word 'ghost' or by standing on it!
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Re: Energy Transfer in a Castle; no picture needed

Postby Hobert55 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:47 am

That's good story so far. But a few picture of it would nice.
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