"Witches" Be Misunderstood

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"Witches" Be Misunderstood

Postby GreenQuartzDreamer » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:08 pm

Woke up after last night's full snowy moon lunar eclipse and will try to post this as clearly and concisely as poss. so as not to waste more time:

Oh, and to be clear, I've never dabbled in the dark arts. I'm not a witch and haven't dreamt of one since elementary school and she had a broom.

In dream: [directly jumped to me being at a typical party, mild one, not a rager]
One person playing solitaire with normal cards not terrot.
Saw an earthy woman with hardened old face. Specific facial extremedities: wart overgrowth that looked like potato eyes
My 2 guides gossiped : 'oh that's so and so, she THINKS she can [--insert some vague ability---...]
'she has epilepsy but they thought it was something else back then'.
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Re: "Witches" Be Misunderstood

Postby ZZZEP » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:53 am

Lol Hi Green - typical bubblyness combined with intrigue there :)

I'm just getting around to looking at unanswered posts having left many to allow as many responders as possible.

I'd say its another tale of your talents emerging - briefly the card sign seems to relate to you summing up all your spiritual options. The witch feels a bit hypnagogic so i'm wondering if you were only just asleep as we tend to get this sort of image if the unconscious gets a chance to wander into the conscious - and we pretty much are in conscious mind mode if we are very close to waking

Please come and post stuff again because there going to be more zzzep zzzep zzzep effect after i have replied to these left over posts !!

See you soon

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