Dream of an airplane heading right towards me

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Dream of an airplane heading right towards me

Postby beauduy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:38 pm

I had a dream that a plane was headed right towards me. I remember crouching down and yelling "Please God, Please God" ...waiting for impact ...but it never happened....it just cleared the ceiling above me. My sister had taken a picture through the skylight that was in the ceiling above our heads to show how close the plane was and all you could see was a passenger window through that skylight window which showed how looming close it had been.
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Re: Dream of an airplane heading right towards me

Postby ZZZEP » Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:16 pm


In dream interpretation there are quite a few common stock dreams which many people experience - running - flying - ( under our own power ) - the lost on a train journey dream - the meaningful temple dream - the derelict house dream & many more.

Your plane nearly crashed dream is a typical example though often we can customize them a bit - in your case a sibling & a photograph.

That aspect might well suggest that there is something you'd wish to be deeply understood on by that sibling but are finding it difficult to reach it. One thing we might all need to take into account is the near impossibility which exists when it comes to anyone - and the great gulf with exists between any desire to portray intense emotions and their chances of being experienced by others. It simply is not possible - our personal parameters of sensation in reaction to lifes experiences is unique to all of us.

If the case by this is that your good self has a deeply intricate sense of irony but you feel others are somewhat sterile emotionally to the same feelings - then a high likelihood of the factors described can play. That is not stating this as FACT - just doing what is asked of dream exchange.

Maybe if we was to consider it - this would mean that the shape of empathys was the real key - learning how we personally absorb & process emotional energy compared to those we wish to find a more balanced emotional understanding with.

Then of course it suffices it to say that it simply does not need to be this sibling mention with whom the link exists - perhaps there is an element of significance via that same sibling but in relation to a third or more persons.

Regardless - dream appears to be talking about a search for a greater sense of understanding between 1 and more parties where there is at least 1 person who is deeply sensitive whilst others are less so

If that was the case then resolve is unlikely until a newer more holistic & separate set of terms by which all could identify with each others feelings is obtained

Which could mean a search for a neutral emotional point from which to begin

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