Scary Dream

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Scary Dream

Postby gollihughm » Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:29 pm

I don't consider myself a psychic or medium but I had an odd dream and I do feel like I need to search for answers. I have came here because I dont know of any real Mediums of Psychics in my area and or what to do with what I was given. Let me start off with the dream.

I am in an elevator and the elevator stops, as the doors open a man whom I have never meet nor seen before stands before me. I see a scar on his cheek and I already know his whole demise and life story just standing there. I know he was a fire fighter who had a daughter and the daughter's mother was a fling but she loved him he only thought of her as a friend. His girlfriend is a gorgeous blonde who he had caught in the act of cheating on him with several men. His baby mamma as I put it loved him very much and very much cared for him. I know this because I see it all in flashes as he stands there. After I am showed and understand this grief strickens me and I know what he is about to do. The elevator doors close on me and the elevator opens on a different floor. He stands there with a shotgun. I cant bare to watch so I close my eyes and I hear the gun go off and know he is gone. I wake up with an immediate feeling that he is in my room with me and I have to wake my husband up because I am scared and I cant sleep.

This dream scared me terribly but I realized I didn't know him. He showed me both women and he showed me his face. I feel like I have to figure out what his message is and who he was but I don't even know how to start or ask him to contact me again and safely. I am pregnant and don't want this to effect my baby any but i want to help him!! Any Advice, knowledge, experience??????
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Re: Scary Dream

Postby ZZZEP » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:02 am

Hello Golli

The majority of the sort of dreams we are hearing about at present come into a category which can be described as cognitive dreams - they are a type that come from the unconscious mind rather than the subconscious.

The difference is that the 'unconscious' has images & scenario's far more related to human situations which we have in process over our life, Collectively ( as a whole ) what is stored there can be 'symbolic' but it not compared to the way the subconscious processes symbols. The unconscious is a long term memory which issues segments of itself in dreams and we never experience the symbolic' 'whole' it would be capable of if we could see it all - it just issues to us the occasional stereotyped part.

The subconscious can release any small part and it will always be symbol based - and as a memory store it is infinite - whilst the unconscious is long but finite

Thus - the form of interaction which goes on between the conscious mind and the unconscious is less spiritually based insomuch that it features as the main protagonist being the inner spirit of us + images from the unconscious memory stereotypes. That differs from subconscious dreaming again where the sub can often place our inner spirit into contact with not just its symbols but with spirit ( other than us )

I hope those standpoints helps 'set a stage' for the dream position here - you have experienced - inner spirit - connected to the unconscious - which has shown the results of a long life store of human based imagery.

As a footnote - the unconscious - as a whole - does have its moments when its artifacts are in contact with the subconscious. However - since the sub is so close to the gates of the spiritworld it will only process suitable elements it is offered by the unconscious. And really this is what makes us human incarnate because spiritual essence is something we learn to develop over our lifetime.


I feel the elevator in this instance tells of a mutability in your mindset or state where certain spiritual things are not fixed and the environment or the experiences you have are able to shift you rapidly. In this dream it your only environment - thus this is saying that the spiritual shift is the key message.

Therefore all of this dreams stereotypes are related to spiritual movement regardless of how scary the images seem

The man i'd feel is also a collection of feelings & scenario's stereotyped through a man and to that end i'd been keen to help change your mind if you had ( by any chance ) wondered he he were Spirit - i'd find that highly unlikely.

I'd feel the reason 'you know him' is that you do - but as a collection of inner feelings related to the world. It is rather strange how out unconscious mind presents collections of emotional artifacts in the form of beings, but it isn't the only way - people who have deep emotional attachments to nature dream about lakes creatures and mountains so on. Therefore - if we dream about human feelings they tend to meld into a collective stereotype in the human form and it is quite normal.

The tragic nature of such a dream can confuse - why a suicide ? - why a gun ? - indeed why me as dreamer ? - again this is the result of a long term unconscious memory which is somehow finding the stereotype closet match to the feelings that are swirling around you.

Imho - the dream indicates the aforementioned shift in spiritual terms - plus - a profound feeling of insecurity in some way - the way it is might be a rational one - i feel it is more likely to be a worry that is not required by you but is the result of a emotional insecurity which is of long standing and can keep developing new insecurities which are no relevant.

If that were true at all - you might consider if some way of working through the potential hurt which caused this in the past is right for you now - the sort of dream this is indicates that you avoid getting that support.

This dream experience was not spirit and the stereotype in this form has little else to show you. Although - the elevator is one of those scenes that has the potential to recur - it does not have to. It would be better to help your self change a long standing self esteem belief and work toward gaining more self esteem with some support

You really should not relate the images to the baby - these are matters in your own being and the child is not being visited by them

In many ways it can be regarded as a 'nice dream' - i know that is a very obscure suggestion. But - the unconscious is like that, sometimes it wants our inner spirit to know we care about the world. You care a great deal - but so far have managed to produce a micro-scene inside showing a form of a persons self destruction as the result of that concern for all the world.

It is a time for you to completely rest from your worry about the all and everything - try to re-configure your thought process to concentrate on nothing related to the state of the world and think of beautiful things in a world where nothing is going to go wrong ever

The real world we have is like an unconscious dream anyway - it seriously thinks what it shows is real - but it isn't - because the only thing which is real is the Spiritworld

All this world is a stage - that is it

Take care - think of beautiful things with the baby & be lucky

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Re: Scary Dream

Postby dlow » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:42 am

Hi Golli,
Greetings. Rule #1 most of the time in dreamwork is that everything in a dream represents a psychological part of the dreamer. What's interesting is that all you actually see in the dream is the man, the elevator, and the shotgun, The rest is all dream-within-dream stuff, essentially.

The man in the elevator very likely represents a masculine aspect of yourself. It seems moreover to be very likeable and naive type of masculine. He's a firefighter, so he wants to help people, but also naive (immature) in that he has no idea of what a mature relationship is--he's cheated, been cheated on, and the resulting pain and confusion catches up with him--but only after he goes to a completely "different level." And a major positive aspect of death--however violent--is that it almost always represents transformation and rebirth.

The dream very likely represents internal aspects of yourself which will one day change... maybe there are certain types of men that you like, but who may not be deserving of it, and whom you will not like as much--once you understand why you used to like them. That insight could come quickly and traumatically a some point... but you've been put on notice, so hopefully it won't! The closest link to you in the normal sense (not a psychological aspect) may be the man's daughter.... ?? Anyway, good luck with your baby!!
Dr. Dave
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Re: Scary Dream

Postby ZZZEP » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:21 am

Hi Dave

Welcome to the forum - please do join us and read more dreams if you have the time . Recently the owner craig needed to reformat this service and we started again from scratch so it would be nice to have more capable hands to the deck.

Not knowing how well you know the site i'll just mention the obvious - although anyone taking the jungian route will indeed discuss in the psychological context most of the time, the ethos of the site overlays everlasting life. Therefore ( of course ) - we'd encourage readers to attempt to find meanings that relate to spiritual conscience when they can. Jung after all is vitally a collective unconscious psychology - his central tenet is actually exo-psychological out there where collective inner spirit mingle among universal records if we strictly define him, and he is much more compatible with spiritual sciences than he ever was with empirical science.

Nonetheless !!! - we indeed do encounter a great majority of purely psychological artifacts when dreams are related, & then indeed - a reasonable response by the reader can be best suitably based on an abstract view in psychological terms. For this to make sense to a spiritualist inclined forum though, - we will want to be attuned to the less prevalent collective/conscience/universal law aspects in addition / or where possible.

A lot of the time significant spiritual symbols/info just in typical dream info so psychological logic - (for a jung type read ) - can be all we are going to have with which to give insight. That is better by far than posts left unanswered

Unless psychic style of intuitive read is opted for.

Thus the jungian route is just a singular choice by its exponents - other dream readers here want to do it by an entirely separate spiritualist oriented intuition route and no first law of psychology will exist in such cases. Then of course there would be a diversity of dream reading style here - well we hope - it is also a teaching site so we need people to feel free to practice alongside the more experienced.

In the strictest sense in any logic it is really only a chicken & egg question what comes first - the conscious or the collective unconscious - if we decide one it is just the tool we are using rather than A matter of Fact

But ! - all of that neither here nor there when it comes to that it would be great to here more from you Dave

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Scary Dream

Postby HefDavid » Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:41 pm

A few weeks ago I dreamt I had three in there cooking and woke up saying OMG NOOOOO. The next night I had a dream I lost the baby and really really really do not want that to happen. Hugs
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Re: Scary Dream

Postby ZZZEP » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:26 pm

Yes - it is really important to find a way to remain calm & rational under our spiritual forces when carrying a baby. Even if some of our deep seated beliefs come to the forefront if we say dream during pregnancy and those dreams manage to invoke fear based artifacts which have been in our lives before - just send them away on holiday and get back to them later if they involve such conflict of spiritual interest.

But certainly - it is wise to protect a nice clear balanced uncomplicated mindset - refuse to allow scary ideas to enter the inner & maternal nursery :)
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