God defeating the Devil

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God defeating the Devil

Postby yoshiyella » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:15 pm

I have had similar dreams over the last week whereby I am locked in a battle against the Devil (or evil being). Towards the end of the dream I am then saved by God (or a good being).

All the dreams are different but the above remains the same.

For example in one dream we are all in a massive field and I am trying to hide from the Devil who is raging and I do something that brings the God out and defeats the Devil - however, the last part of the dream goes back to the beginning of the dream which highlights that the Devil will at some point reappear in the future.

Another example is that I leave my home and I walk under a tree where there are midgies (small flies). Later on I walk under again but there are millions of them. I somehow end up on a building and the Devil is trying to kill me. In the clouds the God does just enough to save me, the Devil then comes back and the God does the same again.

Anyone know what all this could mean? Thanks :D
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