3Rd dream of snakes?

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3Rd dream of snakes?

Postby Penelope » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:32 am

First I see a rattle snake in a bag
Second a python comes out from under the house
Third someone who is carrying many snakes in a bag up stairs loses 4 of them. I must get them before they escape and one of them bites my left hand and they all eventually escape. I must climb the awful stairs to find out if I am poisoned. I'm told I might just have a little trouble with my water works?
My question is why so many snake dreams lately
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Re: 3Rd dream of snakes?

Postby Athanor » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:59 pm

While it would be best to have some background information about you in order to better analyze your dream, snake dreams are very common and in fact, another dream about snakes was posted on this forum on the same day you posted yours.

In the reply to that dream, I quoted the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung who writes:

“Snake dreams always indicate a discrepancy between the attitude of the conscious mind and instinct, the snake being a personification of the threatening aspect of that conflict.”

The number of dreams you’ve had about snakes points to the idea that something important is going on about your attitude to your instinctive side which it would be best for you to figure out. As a very general example, you might not be letting out any natural feelings of anger and resentment etc., and these are being kept inside too much of the time. The rattlesnake of your first dream is of course poisonous, meaning that your unconscious mind could “lash out” at you by way of unpleasant physical or psychological symptoms if you “make it angry” by not “handling it with care”, e.g. by letting out your feelings in an assertive way. The later dream about being bitten by one of the snakes means the same thing.

The python that comes out from under your house probably means that your deep instinctive side is usually mostly unconscious (that is, “under the house”) but something has upset its routine and maybe made you aware of it recently through some kind of bad symptoms.

In the third dream, someone has captured a lot of snakes and put them in a bag upstairs, maybe symbolizing the idea that various instinctive, “down to earth” reactions and feelings etc. might recently have been especially “bottled up” too much and kept “airy” and separate from your awareness (that is, “upstairs” in your head). But if our natural instincts are denied and “suppressed”, they will only tend to try to “escape”, so four snakes do get out of the bag, ending up with one of them biting you. Going up the stairs to see if you’ve been poisoned might mean that you could have to go through the “awful” experience of moving to a higher level of consciousness in order to better understand and accept the need for your instinctive side, no matter how disruptive and distressing doing so could turn out to be sometimes.

As I mentioned in the reply to the other post about snakes, there’s also an extremely slight possibility that the presence of so many snakes could be pointing to the potential development of some kind of serious physical illness. Although this is very unlikely, if by chance you’ve been feeling some small but ongoing unpleasant physical symptoms of some kind, it could be worthwhile to have a full medical examination in order to rule out any physical problems.

Anyway, without knowing anything about you, this way of looking at your dreams might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope that these ideas can be helpful in some way.

Please make any comments or ask any questions about this interpretation that you’d like to.
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