Dream about my dad, now deceased

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Dream about my dad, now deceased

Postby Charlene81 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:11 pm

New here, had this dream a few years back, but certain parts of it stick out for me still. Perhaps because it is the only dream I have had with my dead father in. I had the dream about maybe 7 months after he passed away. To be honest part of dream felt maybe I was going back to an earlier state to visit him like I often did, and I think I felt I was a little bit of a younger version of myself, can't say how much younger, but possibly up to 10 years younger. My dad was picking me up from a train station, a familiar one, but not a local one that he use to live right next to. The station was familiar, but much bigger and grander in my dream than in reality and I came across a dog while I was there that followed me/I followed the dog, it was a golden retriever, friendly, lost, but friendly. The only other significant thing is he worn a collar and when I looked for a name tag with owners' details I only found a silver coin attached like a name tag, 20 pence in British money to be precise, but it had no information on other than it was 20 pence. I eventually got to the outside of the station with the dog still with me and saw my dad waiting for me in his blue van, and explained the dog followed me. My dad seemed to let us both in and we drove to his home, our old family home that I grew up in. He already had two dogs there, my old childhood pet dogs I think, that passed away a very long time ago, they passed away 13 years before my father did, I put food out in bowls for all the dogs and my dad seemed to let the golden retriever stay, think I remember him saying it would be alright staying with him. My mum split up with my dad a few years before his passing, and he was lonely and isolated, and remember him wanting a dog for company, but that never happened due to his health. That's all I remember and how I left it, my dad home with these pet dogs and that they had all been fed. My only realisation since waking from my dream is my family did have a pet dog before I was born that was a golden retriever crossbreed and that it was a stray found on his postal round as my father worked as a postman when he was younger, around the area of the station I was collected from in my dream. However, I do not remember this dog very well and only know of it. Not sure it's connected. I have have mixed feelings about my dad, he wasn't the easiest person to get along with when he was alive, and unfortunately I didn't get to see much of him before he passed away as I was recovering from childbirth. However, the dream felt peaceful after months of feeling bad about not saying goodbye and my father not being able to see my son. However, still remember this dream and wonder if it meant anything if at all?
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Re: Dream about my dad, now deceased

Postby ZZZEP » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:50 pm

Welcome Charlene

Funny sort of dream that with question marks and a sense of emptiness - i'll try a stream of consciousness approach which means i'd not know what i am going to get yet but they can blossom like that.

So here's for a short read

Not a lot of symbols ( 2 ) - but is a subconscious dream which will always mean it is intense in some way. The sub is attached to our inner spirit, and is the place that has a gateway for us to the astral & onto he spirit world. That is why its symbols can be powerful to our experience should we sense it or just want someone else to - it does not matter.

The 20 Pence is the handle that we hope will provide the insight - and to that degree it is message is saying that much must come from little resource. As reader i ask myself why symbolize it as a retrievers tag ? - therefore in some way there is no name or description by which we can describe this finite resource.

So we are looking for a finite substance - which i feel is a sadness which needs to conclude and allow emotional freedom

Which had been placed on a symbolic guide in the retriever giving us a restorative or transformation message

Charlene - an emotional void has been a feature of your life and this form of dreaming is saying to you that this need requires you to just feel more comfortable that life took its course like this and divert your emotional energy is a new direction. There - the sense of restriction ( emotionally ) will have a chance to alter. This does not guarantee that any sudden quantum change will happen. But if you can agree with it that whatever would be would be regarding the the way things work out with your father - then it should be possible to feel an all new sense of emotional freedom

This is not to assume that you have not covered some of these realizations, in fact the dream description indicates that not only you have, but to quite a sophisticated degree. For instance - key emotions like the ability to forgive and that sense of acceptance is clearly indicated - much acceptance in fact - no bitterness. Really it is the sense of Irony that seems to be indicated as the dogma - and it is easy to be ruled by that as disadvantaged situations are quite profound

You can do it - the dream shows that your emotional reasoning has been very strong about all this and for so long, so if only the sense of disfranchise can be tackled bravely it could be to your great advantage in future happiness terms

Wishing you well

May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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