Sleep Paralysis and Possession

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Sleep Paralysis and Possession

Postby ScaredtoSleep » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:29 pm

I really really just want to be told I'm crazy and there's an explanation for all of this. I'll take a solution though.
My first encounter with astral projection was with a Wiccan friend through a Skype call and guidance. After three experiences I was done. Then I experienced sleep paralysis when a year or so later. This could be due to the fact that I was taking prescribed adderall and celexa for ADHD and depression. I never had a bad experience with sleep paralysis besides the initial terror of not moving your body. After the first few times I was able to use for lucid dreaming and eventually out of body experiences. I never saw my physical body though. Not in any of my "walks" was I able to turn around and see my body. I haven't had one in a while.
And then a few months back, I had the most terrifying experience of my life.
I was sleeping and I "woke up" to this rhythmic vibration passing from my head to my toes and onward accompanied with female chanting. The chanting wasn't typical though. It was multiple women in a semicircle behind my head, all the same voice and same word but saying it at different times but within the time of the vibration. It sounded like they were saying "thigh" but obviously it doesn't mean something in this language. After the fourth or fifth wave, I sat up, and went to go walk to the bathroom. Something within myself told me not to leave my body. So I laid back down and tried to wake myself up. The closer I got to waking, the louder the women got and the more intense the vibrations got. Then I heard noises around the house (I was alone, as my husband's in the military and his mom was in Oregon for the weekend as per usual) but it sounded like the front door opened and someone was vaccuming and doing dishes and walking from the living room to the room across the hall. When I finally woke up everything was silent. The house was empty. I checked the time and it was around 3am. Which I've watched so many bad horror movies and heard so much about the "witching hour" I was terrified. I went back to sleep though and told my mom about it the next day. She told me to come over right away and get out of the house and pray. I did and after spending some time with her I vented and came home and put the night in the back of my mind to forget.
I had completely got over it and was back to normal, when a similar dream occurred just last night.
I was sleeping, didn't feel any signs of sleep paralysis, and my mother in law was home this time. I just adopted a cat on new years eve as well. I began to feel my pillow (tucked half under my left side) slide out a little and I heard a female voice say "'At a girl", and Mona hissed softly. I then jolted upright and I could tell I wasn't truly awake, I was out of my body. I left my body completely and floated across the room. Then I remembered my dream from a few months back and rushed back to my body. As I entered, I was pushed to the back of my own mind as if someone else was piloting me. I was standing in my bed, and a thought popped in my head as if it were my own. "It's been a while since I've been in a body." It felt like I was incased in jello and my limbs weren't working right. I started crying and screaming and praying to God, "If I die in my sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep." And all I could think was if I wake up I have to call my mom, I have to tell her. I 'woke up' several times only to find that I was still just sitting up out of myself and had to keep sinking back to get my physical body up. The entity eventually left my body and mind and I collapsed back into sleep. I then dreamt I was at a dimly lit party, and that a friend of mine and my husbands died of alcohol poisoning. I called my husband who was on a flight crying and told him. He threw up over the phone. And that's all I remember.
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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Possession

Postby Emerald111 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:01 pm

Hi ScaredtoSleep,Sleep paralysis and other sleep disorders can be very scary though not dangerous.You are apparently scared of your experiences and do not feel safe.Here are some useful articles that may help you find some answers: ... ic-dreams/
Here are many others :
Why are you always doubting the Light and not the dark?
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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Possession

Postby dp101 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:20 pm

I am sure the sleep paralaysis is a valid explanation. But I would like to say that I think you may have experienced an "Astral Calling." You said that you mediated with a wiccan friend. What I think may have happened is that she performed a ceremony with her group. And somehow your Astral self responded to that call. You consciousness knew you should not be there and attempted to call you back into your own body.

The reason I say this is once I made friends with a ghost hunting friend. I was interested and went to her for a 'reading.' One night I awoke (I am not certain what time). But in my room it was completely dark as the street lamps outside the house were not alight. So it was completely pitch black. I turned over and saw an orb of light on the far wall. I was not frightened or phased. I thought it was an illucination. So I turned over towards the wall of my bedroom (bed was against the wall). And then after a while turned back. The orb was still there. When I question it. It moved up and down in answer to my question.

I went back to sleep.

In the morning I rang my friend and said "did you have a seance because I saw somthing." She said not to say anymore but write it down as I am doing now. I did. She came around to my home and we exchanged essays. She and her friend had a seance the night before outside the grounds of their home. And they saw what I saw over everybodies shoulder. So you see it was an astral projection.

In addition to this another occassion I was at my relatives house and stayed the night. I had just had a child and it was sleeping beside me in the carrycot.
I awoke early morning. It was daylight and I "felt paralysed," I also felt that a man was watching me and my child. I became angry and tried to turn around. But couldn't. I was definately awake now. I tried to scream as loud as I could. My voice was a whimper. But in my head it was decibels louder. It broke the paralysis as I was able to turn and check on my child in the cot. My child was blissfully unaware of the string of events.

I told my relative this when I went downstairs. She explained that it was a year ago that night that the previous house owner had committed suicide. If I go back to that house I never ever sleep in that room.

thats why I think yours was a case of Astral projection. And your link to your friend has become psychic.
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Re: Sleep Paralysis and Possession

Postby ZZZEP » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:33 am

Very much in agreement with DP and thanks for helping with the responses btw DP.

A little can be added i'd suppose - the hypnagogic side of our mind tends to be the link with the astral callings mentioned. This i feel is because hypnagogic states are states when a series of thoughts in the unconscious mind stray close to the conscious mind enabled by the form of shallow sleep which tends to be the case. So if we imagine that a more typical dream happens is various states of deeper sleep, then the closer to wakefulness 'sphere' we are in during these events seems to be the reason for this more extraordinary type of dream experience.

Thus they are typically more 'physical' feeling, the vibration & chanting matter is often reported, and sometimes drums even. The unconscious mind is a very long term memory and it stores all kinds of compacted scenes from out lives - it has huge contents. Because the conscious mind uses it as a memory retrieval system we are not aware of what is in there as a whole - we just get or memories and feelings 1 by one from it during our ordinary day. However - should the unconscious 'spill' slightly into our mind that is 'almost awake but not quite' - we can get these effects. That is because really we are almost awake when this happens except that the conscious is disabled from the complete sort of control that we have when 'properly awake; - if you follow that drift

However as said DP's kind response is highly likely to have covered most of the meaningful aspects in relation to its spiritual significance

And not possession - not unless being possessed is the same as hypnagogic dreaming from our own inner self :)


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