Mother Conflict

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Mother Conflict

Postby shei1 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:45 am

The place is like a huge hospital ( or even abandoned mall) like those from the 70s, wide corridors etc. Anyway I was in a side hall at one end of the space, busy doing something. paperwork maybe. Unsure. I was actually making small talk with a couple of men who I know in real life and later with a security guard.

Then I heard one of my real life a customer's voice who I was trying to catch up with because she was delinquent on her storage rental.

She was bouncing down the hall saying hi to people. But I am going down this hall calling out her name. She is a social butterfly and always has a nice word for everyone. Like "hello beautiful" "What's up girl?"

So I bounded around the corner and called out her name. But she disappeared into one of the rooms to the right.

My mother comes out of room on the left. And says. My name is Ruth ( Last name ) . I was like wait a minute, what are you dong here?

Then she begins her usual belittling that I remember and have pretty much dealt with since childhood. But I remember that I am 55 and she is almost 82 and refuse to be reduced by her bullying. Mind YOU, this woman has softened A LOT . I mean, can't walk without a cane or walker but still pretty manipulative.

I said. 'Just let it go'
She said "But you are the one that did that one bad thing. "
I said ( feeling more like the adult ) " I did a lot of bad things but are you going to let it go?"

But in the dream she was trying to push me down using her walker.

But we are moving down the hall at the same time towards one of those indoor courtyards like in an older mall. BICKERING and being physical. Like her trying to push against me.

Then I woke up!
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Re: Mother Conflict

Postby ZZZEP » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:49 am

Hi She - i'll read it for you - but i delete my posts after 2 weeks

I do not use dream books nor google ever because it mainly consists of parallels drawn in a day when such symbolism was 'in vogue' - when such meant more to people but no longer does. In many ways the psychic community lacks the courage to use its own brains tbh

But - it still pays off not to expect much since most dreams just do not mean a lot, - whilst this one is not even very 'mystical'

Instead it seems to flow with a vibe which is only going to confirm what you have been saying to yourself

It is not unusual, - and sometimes it is just the dream readers job to say i can read this for you but i does not mean there is a critical message in it. In another instance, - even though very different people constantly have dreams which sound very unique, the fact is that most cognitive dreams are focused on a common set of inner concerns people are having unconsciously < ( a deep area of the conscious mind ). Thus - it can be a challenge for the reader who wants to read them all according to a separate meaning every time. That isn't possible because of a commonality of issues people have illustrated through dreams of this kind.

This is because dreams like this are very 'cognitive' in nature - IE they differ from what is perhaps a more common kind believed to source from the subconscious - which - ( yes ) do tend bring unique symbols thus unique read.. However the cognitive type dream comes from the part of the conscious mind called ( confusingly ) - The Unconscious. That is how regardless that we were ( of course ) 'asleep' that a dream can be technically be a conscious dream.

So for this demarcation the definition being drawn here is one of Origin because according to which part of the mind the dream came from ( reasonably this is ) - we can read it better - ( or a lot worse ). - In fact a dream reader should make such a decision on this before proceeding

Fortunately it opens with a clear stereotype by which to go forward - the large derelict premise 'stereotype' ( conscious dreams do not have symbols they use stereotypes ) - signifies a very large void in life. Often that is a key family member who was missing, but it can be anything. If bothers us enough and has done for a long time then we might dream the derelict area stereotype = a person or = a situation that should have existed in life but did not - so on.

People dream these derelict scenes in different ways, yours was a 'Mall' rite ?. Others might dream a very large empty house which is mysterious but still feels 'linked to them' - with many floors which are all falling down etc - dark - etc - but strangely those dreamers reports the house still isn't scary. ( just to give you a parallel there ). The' missingness' then ( no doubt not in the dictionary ) - feels like it may of stereotyped the derelict place due to a person since you related no concern with this scene - but you decide

If it helps - with situations by which something general in life was lost a potential lack of subliminal emotional nourishment applies to that - if a person ? - then the perspective emotional unconsciousness to they.

The fact that you were stationed in the place only does much to confirm a strong emotional link to something missing. The small talk with familiar faces indicates that you have found a way to come to terms with it, perhaps forgiven it - furthermore have developed a very refined way in order to consciously relate to it without a previous sense of loss. That will have taken a long time to achieve if so.

Actually having reached this far and then looked at your post again in order to continue with the sequence of this read - there is a subconscious archetypal symbol after all - the Guard just 'spikes' in from the subconscious here - . This means that your inner spirit has a guardian to help you with these emotions, and that gives meaning excellently the previous paragraph. Your success in overcoming sadness & regret due to the missing part of life is extremely important to your sense of self esteem, and your inner spirit.

It was not going to change was it ? - so you found a way to protect yourself - you did that by making your inner become sweeter instead of resorting to bitterness - and just let it go :)

However - we do not escape from the unconscious long term memory of these things - you are aware of the safe place deep inside where the painful emotions reside - so are others .You also know what protection to turn to, again the recently aforementioned describes that learning and long battle to be above it all and absolutely clear of conscience.
The customers entrance into this potentially doubles up in two ways - 1 could be that some of your stronger stable personality traits ( don't worry dream indicates you have many ) links to your work & its comradeship - it seems that you regard it as a safe place to let off steam and will often work through the more stressful thoughts while there - if feels safer this way. Your logics about her ( the customers ) mindset say a lot about you

The second reason i feel customer appeared is that unconsciously you wish that others might be just as dysfunctional as they are ( you do not judge souls ) - but at least do silly with some Flair - I.e - being zany or scatty is fine, but please show some consideration for the feelings of others such as even 'customer' can sily as she is - you'd like a few to try to use some good spirit during their adversity - it is your strength and you admire it in others.

That is why and how i feel 'customer' lead you to the encounter with Mother

Her emotionally aimed remarks might al tie in with the dream meaning found and the way your quite shimmering unconscious deals with the life experience philosophically - in the dream you walk into yet another version of the stereotype indicatng the various levels upon which the same considerations have been a challenge - and really this read is complete

It is all a question of verification that the greatest thing we can do is forgive life for its emotional obstacles and concentrate on making allowances. Critically a form of making those allowances when it comes to how we process our own spiritual attitude on inner spirit terms - keeping it real. That does not mean will not be furious with people at times, might swear or even shout occasionally. Might refuse to talk to some people, might put some through a silence period and all that stuff. But this has nothing to do with the beauty by which we might secretly view them in spiritual terms -

never actually being emotionally bitter inside this is in the vital sense.

I feel the dream tells this is really you - but do ur nut sometimes if you have to !!! - and i'm sure you do

The dream does also indicate your incredulity that others process emotions as if they are made of iron and are unable to feel hurt as you understand it

Don't worry about it :) - Peace
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Re: Mother Conflict

Postby shei1 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:32 pm

Thank you so much . I was beginning to think no one was going to respond. It is obvious you put thought into your response as well. I AM IMPRESSED and GRATEFUL! I a get really nervous when real people appear in my dreams. Especially 'Mom'. Especially now that she is elderly. You read that dream like you have known me ( and my situation ) forever. VERY COOL! I just didn't want to NOT Thank you. So Thank you! It is VERY MUH appreciated. Feel vindicated somehow! And a little farther along in a my life long healing process. Be Blessed!
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Re: Mother Conflict

Postby ZZZEP » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:04 pm

Ur welcome anytime She xx :)
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