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Postby GreenQuartzDreamer » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:27 am

Hi ZZZep. Maybe you can add some insight to my ignorance. :) I had a dream a few days ago I shared in class. I only bring it up now because I feel it's somehow connected to a more recent dream that I had last night regarding Kundalini.
Dream 1: a telephone rang and I was told it was for me. It was a mysterious person/voice that I was trying to recognize. They were surprised they reached me. They repeated and confirmed that I am to receive a Green Angel.
---woke up and researched green angels--- something to do with healing perhaps. ??? A night or two later...
Dream 2: was at a playground. An older creepy kind of gentleman was helping a small girl around. As I was questioning their relationship, someone or something or a voice inside my head said, that's Kundalini.
---woke up and later in the day remembered to Google Kundalini. This seems to be a name and term I was completely unfamiliar with until this dream. I thought maybe it was some Indian deity buried in my subconscious but I can't recall ever speaking about the term or hearing it in my whole life unless it was casually mentioned by you maybe 3 months ago. This dream came the night I watched a therapy session where the sitter pulled a card at the end of purging deep down emotion and his card read, "awakening". I didn't think anything of it but just the word association must have rang somewhere deep in my subconscious that night so now I feel as though when I sleep, I'm poking a sleeping bear. How can I proceed cautiously and learn more but so not as to disrupt whatever balance or unbalance to my charkra i'm inadvertantly creating? Also, anymore insight as to what Kundalini is because I'm unfamiliar with it but now strangely curious.
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Re: Kundalini

Postby ZZZEP » Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:31 am

Hi Green

Yeah so to get back here as promised .. the class format where us teachers have to offer top priority to the teaching process itself can sometimes get the specifics needed but a little chaotically by virtue of the separate sources and the time it takes. Loses - 'The Momentum' - sort of thing. So i'll try get that lost moment - ((( Aum ))) - back on behalf of all the excellent readers and for you.

I have to say that is the strangest pun i have ever used :) - i hope i'm ok - but lets get going

How am i going to start this steam of consciousness ? - ok - one of the things that i have been pleased about as a minor aspect of how we put over our collective messages as a teacher group in classes is the way a suggestion i made that we might widen the general understanding used about theory of mind and it was embraced by the other teachers - it has worked we are more productive, and it seems easier even though we are doing more explaining.

What i am referring to is the way the word 'Subconscious' -in general use tended to be the catch all word when it came to all things below the actual conscious mind. Nothing wrong with that as such, the singularity of it seemed to serve 'ok'. But and the time - i asked that we try to start using the full theory of mind in jungian terms in order than we might just begin to improve upon some teaching areas that tended to have a lot of lag - or in other words didn't seem to gain enough attunement based cohesion - ( as it were ).

So that involved suggesting we use a longer ladder of reference - which was :)

Conscious - Unconscious - Conscience - Subconscious - Inner Spirit

Tbh there is another that can be added to this before 'conscious' being - Pre- Conscious - but i left it out in case it didn't help - ( pre-conscious is a way of explaining short term memory for the conscious - but anyway ) .. Off it went in dream class - and today it feels like we'd never work without this anymore - dunno if i'm right ?. But you see Green - as we go through these points of yours now, the ongoing quest we always have in order to gain understanding of the psychic mind is greatly facilitated of we can embrace this quite easy grid of reference imho.

So - this was the part that you'd have seen being speculated that class quite a lot - I.E - 'is X symbol Subconscious?' - is Y Unconscious etc - ( i often use the word 'Cognitive which just = Unconscious ( comment -the Subconscious isn't cognitive since it is symbolic ). Therefore - since you have missed my classes where these matters were discussed a lot - i'll just explain -

lets just give this session a heading though :

Detention ( just kidding )

Seriously - simple fact of matters - most of the time when we are either reading psychic or decoding dreams & oracles etc - 1 thing that is almost essential to us is a means to separate Unconscious phenomena from Subconscious Phenomena - and this includes when it is illustrated as it often is on tarot and oracle cards - but in the instance we are in now you are asking asking me for the keys that are used in decoding ones own pheno

And fortunately those keys are only the same - so if you can get used to this


It is part of the Conscious Mind actually Green (but its name does not help) - it is a long term memory in essence, confused onstantly with the subconscious as remarked - and is a very dep distant reach at the back of the conscious mind. The reason is it tucked way is obvious really - if it were not our frontal conscious ( the bit we use all the time ) - would be flooded with memories of our life and all its incidents. Therefore - the unconscious ( thank God ) - is really well compartmentalized away, and is always very active but very efficient in what it does - it performs most of its essential tasks without interfering or confusing frontal conscious processes.

Simple example of a typical frontal conscious & unconscious interaction :

You are sitting down reading a book in peace - ur conscious mind is just ticking over. The pre - conscious mentioned is indexing short term memories ( it can decide if they get forgotten or if they will go to the unconscious ) - when suddenly a sentence in the book reminds you of something which happened on holiday 20 years ago. The unconscious is then invoked to recall and spike a compressed modified memory into the conscious.

Then it goes back to sleep until you think of something consciously which causes a recall from the Unconscious

Now that is a basic example of of its functions - much more relevant to psychic development is its other functions

For example - that Dreams come from the Subconscious is a complete myth - they come from the Unconscious - the subconscious instead spikes into the unconscious if Symbols are going to feature in the dream - but the Sub can do this so much that it takes the dream over perhaps up to a degree of 80%. Fact shall remain though that dreams source from the unconscious no matter how much sub- spike influences them symbolically.

Dreams can vary depending on the sleep level/stage - Hypnagogic dreams for example happen when we are not very deep anymore and the conscious mind is almost booting up. When that happens the unconscious gets to play extra havok because its never closer in involvement to the conscious than it is in this state - in fact Hypnagogia is a really good emulation of subconsciousness which finds it easier to spike in - I.E

Unconscious very knotted with the conscious due to shallow sleep and near conscious boot up + almost floods of subconscious spiking = hypnagogic dream - ( and the reason why they are so weird.

But can you see how easily the situation can be confused with just Subconsciousness ? - unless we sort it out

But lets look at what the unconscious is doing ( and containing ) much of the time:

Its our main operative daily long term memory and it needs to arrange them in Abstracts - and compress them. Because it is a LTM then naturally it knows all our lifes worth of joys and fears. It is very wired into fight or flight and wil supply the instant reflexes required for that - it knows everything that scares us shitless. But paradoxically it also contains our most profound senses of well being - and almost all of our creativity.

Now because of this very mixed Jeckle & Hyde nature it is a challenge to get to know - many make the mistake on hearing of its fear based matrices to run away from it, never to gain the psychic developmental desire to understand it - just avoid it. That is pointless given that it is also such a beautiful place. But there is it - its a place of great Dichotomy within our minds - it had darkness it has light - it has fear it has joy - its our life long memory bank & reflexes centre.

The other thing it does which is quite essential for us to understand is tell tales to the conscious - mischief like Pan in the myths. When it spikes the conscious we can never really be sure what its up to in this sort of respect - it will tell 100% pure truth or total lies.

The reason for that is all dependent on the way we have run our minds - the unconscious is a reflection of that. It also depends on our experiences and our I.Q - which people who know me well will know is a subject i avoid usually ( i dont like discussing I.Q ). However - fact does remain that we either had a conscious that instructed the unconscious to generally behave itself and be the slave cylinder to the conscious - or else it trys to run the show - and the effects if so can be ridiculous.

But lets take the average sensible person - then they are into development also - pretty well behave unconscious then - except is a right little obstacle maker when it comes to attunement to psychic.Par for the course mostly - we are fighting nature if we struggle to accept Leaning Obstacles. Nonetheless - they are there to be overcome also - so we begin to understand what the unconscious doing - and just take note so far.

Once we get to the stage that we realize that with all the functions it has - the Dreamscape it has , and we finally begin to realize that it can put up scenes in our minds that are distracting. Then we see that we dont want it to have the freedom to put random images which really mean very little and we can confuse as spirit messages - that faculty is for our creative processes. We want it to be instructed to shut up while we attune the Conscious - pass through the Conscience ( dont concentrate on that we just do ) - pass through the subconscious - ( dittto ) ..

And attune to Inner Spirit

The Unconscious does almost everything by using edited sequences of compress memories combined with emotional reflexes like fear or joy. It has no idea how to use symbols and it does not even understand language. - Language is a mode only the conscious mind uses, the rest of the mind uses spikes i order for the conscious to apply language to.

Spirit have language but not as we know it - symbol energies are exchanged -lets look at a ladder ( in reverse )

We get Spirit - Spirit needs to com with our Inner Spirit - Spirit conceive what they need to say in their language - this speech is sent to their Conscience - their conscience converts it into Symbols - those symbols are sent to our Inner spirit - our inner spirit sends them to our Conscience - our conscience send them to the Our Subconscious - our subconscious sends to the Pre - Conscious

Which coverts it into Language for our Conscious

Notice that the unconscious is tied up with piano wire :)

The Subconscious

Much easier to sum up even though it is vastly more complex - we can tell the difference because the Sub does not chatter - has no human language and communicates only with Symbols

Ok - right old nosebleed that and we haven't decoded a dream fragment or symbol toffee yet

Kundalini - Unconscious artifact - pushing the third eye to far open just at odd intervals - no biggie

Green Angel - subconscious spike - a very significant reaction to your efforts in development. Responses like this from the subconscious tend to be the result of recent spirit contact be they evidential read ones or collective astral types or a guide. Encourages us to explore the phenomenon of Green - and Virtues ( the essence of Angel Energy ) - development teaches us to learn how deep simplicity can be. @'Green' for example - its potentials to learn are not small but infinite. But we need more awareness in order to see how vast the phenomenon of Greenest is - and we'd find that the ways we can explore it is actually quite endless. Often here the message is to desist from merely perceiving very small amounts of inspiration from offering from spirit like the word 'Green' . That is a mistake - for it treats the situation as if the spirit offering is just a case of looking in a Dictionary. It isn't - if Spirit give us a word they are hoping we learn how to look at its Phenomenology


I feel the same it true with Angel - so be Phenomenal - and find a way by which the mere mention of the word is Infinite :) - and you have found your meanings.

Those two actually suffice ( quite potentially ) - how to read the rest of then offerings

So i'l leave them with you

May i introduce you to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzep! - as pronounced by Vi Kipling to Ron Jordan.
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