Need help connecting to a person on the other side

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Need help connecting to a person on the other side

Postby Tonyaleesmith » Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:09 pm

My uncle who raised me and was my whole world passes last year on April 8.It was sudden and unexpected. I had moved away he didn't want me to go he told me next time you will see me will be at my funeral then after he passed about 6 month later I dreamed I was in like a waiting room but there were parts like his house he walked around the corner. He was like his younger self. I ran to him and hugged him and started crying and telling him how sorry I was that I left and that I hadn't made it back home.He told me it was ok there was nothing I could have done then we just sat there and he held me and then he just got up and it was like he floated away. I started crying hysterically .That's what woke me up but why hadn't he come back was it because I cry to much I still feel the pain of him passing like it just happened.
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