Had an accurate reading, my inaccurate interpretation

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Had an accurate reading, my inaccurate interpretation

Postby timidlady » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:06 am

Years ago I was on here and the person that gave me a reading told me that I would have my heart broken by a balding Italian man. I thought she meant this man I had a crush on. She meant the man I would marry. I married a man that wanted to change his last name to Valentine because it was his dad's name. He was very proud of his Italian heritage. But because I had thought I knew what the psychic was talking about, I wasn't thinking of the reading until years after my divorce. He was a terrible man that dealt my life a crushing blow. He seemed to enjoy doing so. Horrible human being. I feel like the psychic knew I would misinterpret the reading because the message seemed so final instead of cautionary. She or he didn't tell me to watch out or change course. Just that I would have my heart broken. So be careful. Even an accurate read can end up having a different meaning than you think. My life has been very sorrowful. I have found most my comfort in God, not people. I believe sometimes we are foreordained to certain tasks in life. I made decisions prior to being here that had finality. They were set in stone to happen with me before I got here. My reading didn't conflict with that perception. I don't know what my specific role is but I get signs that it has completed. Like baptizing on Mothers Day and my son being born on mothers day years later. He was a purpose. Any ways, be cautious in interpretation.
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