Beloved Lizzie

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Beloved Lizzie

Postby CaraL » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:49 am

Sometimes life can be so unfair.
I adopted my beloved Lizzie 5 years ago, she was a blonde Maltese Spaniel mix. The most gentle dog ever. She loved everyone, as everyone did her. She would never hurt a fly and was always by my side throughout the day. We found out 3 months ago Lizzie had mast cell Cancer, she was only 8. We thought we had about 6 months left with her, and did everything we could. Spent thousands, trips to out of country vet visits, short of amputation we did everything. She was happy and still acting herself.
Sadly she woke up the other morning in obvious pain, was not acting like herself (no interest in food, treats, playing) and she would not walk. I knew we had to put her down asap. I couldn't bare to see her in that state. My husband took her to do it as we have young children at home.
Since that day I cant seem to overcome my guilt and grief. It happened so fast. Did I give her a long enough hug? We didn't get to give her a farewell day, it was planned for this coming weekend. I don't remember crying like this, ever. I miss her so fiercely I barely can get through day to day tasks. We would do anything to see her just one more time. My daughter, 9, is also very emotional and spiritual. She says she sees Lizzie in her bedroom. She finds comfort in one day being reunited with Lizzie. I am struggling with the guilt of how I said goodbye to her, maybe it wasn't good enough for me. Maybe I didn't hug her long enough or could have given her one last day with us. I am questioning everything at this point.
Thank you
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Re: Beloved Lizzie

Postby Emerald111 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:24 pm

Hi CaraL,really sorry for your loss and I know that no matter what I say will not change much what you feel right now but Lizzie is not in pain anymore and is well taken care of in spirit .You have done everything you could for her but was her time to go.You have given her 5 years of happy life and love and she loved you the same.And yes,she will 'visit' and one they you'll see her again .Sending all of you love and healing <3
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Re: Beloved Lizzie

Postby geminibene » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:07 pm

god is soooooo unfair..he took prince a while ago at a very young age... he is 2 months old only
i lost mine too..i wish I could see prince again...god is sssoooooo unfairr
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