Eternity Is Accessible

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Eternity Is Accessible

Postby ZZZEP » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:55 pm


Please feel welcome to join in with the in tune with the infinite topics here
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Re: Eternity is accessible

Postby Moonstone » Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:33 pm

Maybe a good chance for us all to take on board what we've learned from the past to take with us into the present and future on our journeys.

That brings on a simple point of whether the missed messages of spirit - are down to people not entirely picking up the messages given - usually if Spirit come in with a message - I find they are usually very detailed and always on point. Crystals would be an interesting journey to learn about. I myself have a multitude mass of the crystal friends and work with them if drawn to do so. But I guess that's a subject covered in healing. Lately I've not been drawn to do anything much at all and have only just returned so am hoping to remedy that. But that too could open up another avenue of knowledge. Anyways, food for thought on that one.
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Re: Eternity Is Accessible

Postby ZZZEP » Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:20 am


''Crystals would be an interesting journey to learn about. I myself have a multitude mass of the crystal friends and work with them if drawn to do so. But I guess that's a subject covered in healing. Lately I've not been drawn to do anything much at all and have only just returned so am hoping to remedy that. But that too could open up another avenue of knowledge. Anyways, food for thought on that one''.


I had to do a double take being not sure if you meant 'crystal people' - usually known as children, but by the time i decided they'd be grown up i (think) i could see no - it was people who work with crystals, But i should think they'd fit in what context you choose, there can be a philosophy of them, there can be a psychic of them, can happen on forum with images and an account about them - whatever. I haven't had the opportunity to cover them in the reiki class but it has got to happen at some point.

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Re: Eternity Is Accessible

Postby ZZZEP » Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:11 am

Something i posted recently with a greek philosophy forum

What Socrates meant by 'same & other'

He could imagine eternal states beyond this incarnation where the soul has absolutely equality when measured along eternity of the soul. For he reasoned that all temporal states are an illusion (of course ) as one must if there is an authentic desire to sense equality. This was a far superior Utopia to Plato's for it refused to imagine other incarnations where once again the inquirer just happened to be the power aristocrat ( so forth ) - thus never taking ones place in society equally in ones metaphysics.

Only a fool dabbles with universal equilibrium for the purpose of elitism - a 5000bc slave is required to have been a 6000bc emperor if one is simply not a elitist dreamer with affairs of eternal soul - locked into the present illusion - not a free thinker whatsoever.

It is unclear what societal pressures ( or not ) caused Plato to recreate a utopia made of corporeal illusion rather than out of his far superior metaphysics when applied to Forms. The theory of forms shall have provided every archetypal tool required to have created total equilibrium in utopia by one must have the human soul rationale.

Plato lacked this - Socrates did not - and let us be realistic - this standing and similar others were the kind of reasons that he was murdered.

On this point i would place these reflections this way.

Materialism is a huge force even among persons of philosophical refinement. Socrates has been murdered every day since - even today because when it really comes down to the nitty gritty - the suggestion that the ideal state could consist of an eternity where souls ( hence materialistic circumstances ) are equal so long as ones metaphysics can detect that formulation of equality along am infinity - makes most influential persons feel sick. Because it challenges deep inner personal paradigms which have been emotionally managed - not logically managed.

For many the question actually is - how the intellect supply a model of the human soul where we can have 'utopia' - nonetheless be denialist of any societal power sharing by the human race = i.e - give me a timeless equality but do not expect myself ever to have been a Peasant - have died of leprosy - or have been a coercive controlling loser on the dole.

So on

Sometimes things are a process of elimination Peter - i am still looking for someone - just 1 person - who can relate greek philosophy in form & eternity frameworks without reinventing either their identical or enhanced position in their cosmos.

Appeal to Pathos - running away to emotion ( its only a bit of fun - why take it so seriously etc ) - is all very well. As is the tweak about looking at this as if in Greece speaking the lingo( which is rather nice yes ). But hardly is it much hope when used to escape reality.

Reality - what exactly is reality when concerned in a theory of forms?

I would suggest that the only real logical standing is a triplicity between the corporeal reality from whence we speak ( in the present ) - whatever the portal by which we used the metaphysics - and Eternity itself.

Are you sure though - that there are actually enough people around who want to grab the wrist which has the Hemlock ? - tbh i feel they seek a eternity of forms without equality - since all the peasants are in purgatory - but are never they.

Socrates when using such a basic axiom comparing wood has a most basic demonstration for matters infinitely profound. Many persons will look at the identical planks of decking in B&Q and would be absolutely perplexed as to the reason first - but furthermore - the point of stating that these are same & other. In actual fact it would take minor observation to note there are vast differences between such planks in terms of variance in weight, their constitution - and half a millimetre detection in the terms Socrates more accurately meant is a GULF. Because he isn't interested in the wood, maybe he likes woods but it isn't the point is it. The interesting thing is that though in his day all identical things were hand made thus did have tiny perceivable differences by sight. Even so - even though he did not even get the change to see and touch very identical things ( as we do today ) - really he is predicting that there shall be(1) - but more crucially that there is a impossible factor linked to identical things - and he is right.

If we take something simple like a cheap Biro Pen - then imagine 10 perfectly new ones together. We will probably have great difficulty telling them apart but in enough cases might just see a tiny burr of plastic edging on one - or slight ink level difference. Thus - this spoils the point also these are potentially identical things which miss it by a relative large margin if we are considering senses of a fine nature. Maybe beautifully perfectly new snooker balls then - and lets make this harder by having the maker send us 100 which have been weighed and measured by accurate means and give sameness on those scales. In cosmic terms none of them can be remotely similar because the count on an atomic scale would remained largely different - HUGE DIFFERENCE - but of course we cannot see it.

But Socrates wanted all of this to be reason to the effect that Infinity = Eternity = Forms

So really it was several efforts with axiomatic process leading to a Theorem - which he hoped his pupils could embrace = enhanced prospects of increasing the paradigms linked to the nature of Utopia - which itself is the search for the meaning of life isn't it ( reasonably ).

Reasonably then - if the belief in infinity and its accompaniment of eternity can be grasped by obtaining perceptions on scales going down into smallnesses is the beginning of the justification for concepts of same & otherness so long as further study as to where this applies to universe forms can be as accesible. - and hence Equilibrium

If on the other hand those who seek such intellectual flexibility but cannot give up the creature comforts of this life or a high status - it is waste of time at best, vaingloriously unintelligent at worst

Plato was forced into that position by the state- his utopia was a soap opera re-write where matters were even more luxurious for the now reincarnated aristocrat I do not believe he intended it, but those who caused him to produce it killed Socrates also because he ad the more reasonable narrative for Utopia.

Peter with respect- please do not use an anti modern anti enlightenment tool to airbrush probabilities away which ( in fact ) have nothing to do with the enlightenment. These are realistic reflections by a long term study even if they slightly violate your chosen modes of perception. After all -Nothing has moved on since Socrates even given liberal amounts of Neo- Platonism doen the years. Yet - Socrates made these observations but if nobody wants to imagine utopias in true equilibrium why even try ? - are they not just potential manuscripts by which a future elite may wish to dissonance their contempt for lower humanity by ?

The ability to dismiss ones status for that purpose is the lost chord - to implement all forms of humanity high or low Which only causes people to study is the discovery - elitist outer spaces are the anti thesis

Pointless - those ideals might as well just come right out with it and proclaim ( and realise ) - no ancient greek philosophy is needed if Misanthropy is the true objective

Socrates levelled that @ those who politically forced Plato compile Utopia - so they killed him

Then the intellectual elite today misuse the eruditions by casting illusions of societal compassion which is really a Grenfell Tower, In fact - that council are resigning because the people are discovering that these champions of socialism were all along the secret buy to let owners of many of the flats

An example of todays misanthropy dressed as Utopian style multi cultural respect for all humanity - no progress since Socrates @ that pretentiously educated alas intellectually unwashed council then - but most councils are believed to contain officials who own vast private property empires which are former social housings which they run under the moonlight

Misanthropy comes in many forms

Thus on the questions of how to help Socrates avail his same & other lesson - if he really was looking for an authentic human philosophy seeking equality across eternity and its forms * & all its consciousness free from avarice -we have to choose between retaining a status in perpetuity or gaining contrary insights regarding the meaning of ourselves

Tbh Peter - most are finding it too difficult to imagine the form of a house with anything but an elitist inside it in the 'imaginative architecture' or their metaphysics - the cosmic mistake of always imagining underling humans ( not equals ) linked to by whom shall take away the sewage

This is the epitome of a metaphysical crisis and possibly the definition which Socrates himself foretold the reasons to distribute equality in imaginations. For consider - if one cannot find the way to equally imagine a race in harmony in an all possibilities field such as Infinity - then philosophy is dead all bar the rigging up of its emotional detachments ( from reality ).

The reality that anyone is capable of seeking Equilibrium during imagination & metaphysics
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Re: Eternity Is Accessible

Postby ZZZEP » Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:47 pm

By the way, what do you think a Form, an eidos, is? Personally I feel that we should look at the whole subject of Forms again. Plato never said we shouldn't.

I admire your astute selection Peter - i can say with all honesty that in my own case i may have eclectic thoughts but none ever match the quantity engaged with the theory of forms.

To ease us into an indubitable beginning it is certainly an aspect of a masterwork. I feel that for stones we might be forced to turn at least we know the sheer might of the theory of forms hence the huge stature of Plato as the result I.E i should personal fully agree with any sentiment given that TTOF's is something which should always be taken for granted

Another fundamental might be the way we can understand well and really grasp the meaning of universal archetypes thanks to Plato. But as many know, - matters can then stall should we wish to feel something for the tempo of the universe which causes the forms themselves. My feeling might be that the choice becomes either almost nothing in perpetuity of a baptism of fire with the Infinite - which does have us examining the nature of the subatomic kingdoms am sorry to remark. But again if we model that n the full knowledge that greek minds were looking for this it shall seem appropriate surely. Although a danger might be psychological allergies to some todays terminology which might want to manifest.

Surely it is worth it so long as the study is truly TTOF's oriented ?

Imagine if we will then - the yet unknown source somehow knows several things : ( only for arguments sake )

How to birth energies which knows how to shape into forms

How to cause energy to further cause the forms to incarnate

How to create a universal record of the events

How to produce a procession of animation -consciousness & its evolution

A workable bare minimum perhaps

I feel the matters we must avoid are what might be consider ( again for arguments sake ) 'grand universal paradoxes' - attempting to pinpoint a beginning for infinity. Something which gives the term Oxymoron more meaning than we can describe but that is about it.

So away from expectations of walking up to God and demanding to know where ( PC - she ) - alternately he started the Universe a creative awareness in the fabric of time space occurred at some point. Infinity tells us that we even violate the idea immediately should we expect 'at some point' as relevant tbh - since the only sense it gives is no beginning no end (ofc). Thus to be strictly accurate we should use meta-cognitions which avoid even that aspect of paradox - as irrelevant as it may seem. However although i may not accuse it here, a friend could be the riddle present somewhere here on this forum by a David Taylor ? - those words concerning centrality of universal ? - sacred symmetry? - experiences.

So we have a 'Zero Point' of a place of essences perhaps - one i fancy not to be confused much with various zero point energy ideas which abound U tube etc within fantastique advanced propulsion theories and so on. Symmetric Centrality would be better tbh for to simple marker of reference

I feel firstly that in fine greek tradition we'd need a worthy metaphysical stroke of luck in looking at this particular matter i the hope that the virtue following the good process might itself avail some objective idealist insight ?

These inquiries might look for :

What is the relationship between a form and ( this temporal marker term ) symmetric centrality

What is the significant of the inter-dimensional space time they may bridge

What subatomic smallnesses might be impossible to avoid in order to flow such metaphysics.

Taking it all literally that the dialogue is still quintessential - is there any choice but to attempt to discuss the subatomic - i feel not personally.

To place this into some kind of ( well it is obvious ) - perspective. This position at its most fundamental is similar as being unable to know by numbers happen @ the breakdown of the law of physics. I do not feel it is similar enough to perturb a metaphysician since that state of affairs has really been defined by using all all connectives all possibilities field already - how on earth are we to suggest it is otherwise ?. In this instance though - i feel the case is that metaphysics of this ilk allowed itself to baulk under the misconception that subatomics were beyond comprehension. Itself a paradox tbh since should they not have occurred regardless of the means to dec
cipher them?

I feel the group consciousness intellect interfered and made the decree to ignore such metaphysical exploration for fear of having no means to tackle measurement problems?

Why ? - perception of any measurement problem will have been subject to identical conditions for the person doing metaphysics all along - maters were always Infinite regardless of universal upscale or downscale. If not then those barriers in metaphysics conceptualisation violates infinity by expecting such a measurement to be available in say quantum mechanics. Simple Logic - Therefore we might have an inkling here how to avoid violations since really they are more acurately pointless metaphysical non performances by the introduction of logics which do not apply - but in digress

Forms - Centrality - Concepts - where the central is everywhere by nowhere. The Eidos ( as you you call it ) of these adventures cannot be understood by atomic scaled behaviours or gravitational & electromagnetic kingdoms as interesting as they are. A far more reliable centrality point is the Binary Sequence - unique arrangements of subatomic energy which something of the highest human controversy seems to know how to order.

A maker & beginning is not our remit as we stated

But roughly speaking Eidos = Sequential Cause - perhaps - when applied to energy fine enough - centrality positioned enough - and microcosmically inter-demonsionally present enough to cause a Form - so long as the consciousness which evolved exists otherwise such forms shall either have to create more - or cease to exist.

Did each cell of life spontaneously create on the atomic planes as each Eidos organised ?

Is Eidos somehow a theory of forms concerning 'Cells' ? - in the way that a Tree Form is the universal archetype of all the replications ..

Another potential way to regard this might be that only some sequences have enough potency to be omnipresent enough - perhaps are among other needs ancient enough in the infinite creation. Able to be pure enough in Essence, - are enabled to interact with consciousness perhaps by having evolved so slowly and had to ebb and flow according to the demand for their essence. Which might itself be linked to a definition of Form immune to Entropy where consciousness and its conceptual power is the chord of images ( not chaos ).

For this there has to be an exchange and flow with any suitable archiving concept such as Akashic Records - otherwise Perpetual Forms cannot logically be perpetual or accessible by an incarnate consciousness.

And thus exist indestructibly and be infinite a Form requires a plane not accessible by aforementioned inorganic - A Universal place of Utopia existing throughout all infinite time & space whilst all that is not a form cannot in lacking by in every essences needed for this - ( they lack the centrality and ability to draw power from Paradox Itself - so on ).

Where Centrality could as a working marker = (to) attachment to the infinite source regardless of how impossible it shall be to know that nature.

However it could be true to say that Paradoxes have vulnerabilities also. They may be secure in that they are protected by Infinity, - but this does not mean they are impossible to be recognised as infinity distributing sources. Which is why i feel there is such huge significance in infinite & symmetric centrality like ideas

These are bare minimums imho ( & tbh i'm sure there are more minimums )

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