What makes for the BEST Mediums?

The best mediums are those who can give evidential readings. By this we mean mediums who are able to provide information about the deceased person that is very precise and not just woolly information that can apply to just about anyone. Below are a few basics about what constitites a good reading together with some asdditional advice about getting the best from your phone reading.

Who Makes The Best Mediums?

In the days when the medium Doris Stokes was popular people used to think that women made for the best mediums. But the general public were not generally aware of other great mediums such as Gordon Higginson or D D Home. Men and women make equally good mediums. Also nationality appears to make no difference; there have been a number of good Scottish and Irish mediums but also many more from England, America and Europe. Some mediums are highly intelligent yet others are quite ordinary. Most of the best mediums are usually fairly creative and extrovert but even this is not a hard and fast rule.

How Do I Find The Best Mediums?

Today it is hard to find the best mediums because many people claim to have abilities but in reality have little ability. Be wary of people who adopt gypsy pseudonyms or call themselves the seventh son of the seventh son and so on. The Best Mediums do not need to do this. The best way to source the best mediums is through recommendations and testimonials.

Do you employ the Best Mediums?

We like to think so. We are certainly very carefully to scrutinise everyone who works on the phone lines and we monitor them very carefully. You have to prove yourself if you work with us. Perhaps the best plan is to look though our reader profiles and read some of the many unsolicited testimonials about their work.

Info about what makes for a good phone reading

What is a Phone Medium?

A Phone Medium is a person who has mediumistic ability and can give you a mediumistic reading by telephone. An online medium is different than an online psychic in that they have the ability to communicate with discarnate spirits they can, in layman’s language ‘Talk To the Dead’ or as we prefer to say: ‘Give proof that the human personality survives death’. Most mediums are Spiritualists or have trained or given readings and demonstrations at some point within the Spiritualist church.

How can a Phone Medium help me?

A Phone Medium can give you a reading by telephone to help you to make contact with your loved ones in the spirit world. Their primary purpose is to give you comforting proof that your loved ones survive death. With verifiable facts received through their mediumship they endeavour to give you evidence that the person’s spirit has survived physical death and then give you a number of messages to help you with your own life.

How does a Phone Medium Work by Telephone?

It may seem remarkable but a Phone Medium does not have to be sat with you when he or she gives you a telephone reading. Some of the Best Mediums practice remotely. They are not getting their proofs by looking at the way you sit or the gestures you make, nor are they influenced by the tone of your voice or your facial expression. A Real Medium works intuitively through what we call Clairvoyance (inner seeing) Clairsentience (inner feeling) and Clairaudience (Inner hearing). Through these inner perceptions the Phone Medium is able to give you information about your loved ones and some messages of comfort.

Can a Phone Medium Help me with my Life Issues?

Most of our Phone Mediums are also psychics. A Psychic Medium may sometimes work with their Spirit Guide to give you information about issues in your life. In many instances your questions may be best directed to a Tarot Reader or a Psychic of some kind and in particular if you are looking for insight into the future. However if you definitely prefer to work with a spiritual medium then many will also work on a level to help you with work, romance, life direction and so on. They will probably give you some spiritual insights too and help you with your own spiritual and mediumistic development.


We have many Spiritualists and gifted mediums working with us as Real Phone Mediums. You can select your Phone Medium Online as we have a constantly updating list that shows you who is available now to give readings. Or if there is a Phone Medium’s profile you like the look of but is currently offline then you can book them now and they will call you back at a convenient time in the future. Check out our Online Phone Medium list for some of the best real mediums in the UK.

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