Spiritual Readings Explained

The term Spirit Contact Reading refers to a consultation in which the psychic medium will open their mind to the influences from the spirit world and then give you messages from your loved ones in the next life. The purpose of a spirit contact reading is primarily to give proof and evidence that the human personality has survived death. In other words, it is to verify that your loved ones have passed over to the next world and are now happy and well in their new astral life.

How does a spirit contact reading work?

For a spirit reading a medium is required. This is a person who has the ability to sense, hear or see the spirit people. These gifts are known as clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. Mediums also have spirit guides and helpers who help to control the communications and align the mediums and spirit communicator’s vibration so that they can impress the medium’s mind.

The stages and methods of contacting spirits

When a spirit contact reading takes place the medium will feel the spirit communicator draw close and will probably initially sense them. This is known as clairsentience and will enable the sensitive to know about your loved ones character and personality traits. Using clairsentience the medium will also most probably give you information about the physical characteristics of the communicating spirit and their illnesses and how they died.

All mediums work in different ways but those who are trained as Spiritualists will usually build from the clairsentience and begin telling you about the things that the spirit communicator visually shows the medium (clairvoyance) and if the energy is high is able to say to the medium (Clairaudience). Using these methods the medium will be able to give you enough information to hopefully prove to you that the person you love is communicating with you.

Once we are completely certain that a spirit communication is taking place then the medium is likely to give you some spiritual advice based upon the messages that the spirit is telling him to say to you.

Who is contacted in a spirit reading?

Occasionally a medium may mention a spirit guide but the main purpose is to tell you about ‘dead’ people that you KNOW. The objective of a spirit reading is to bring you comfort and solace in the knowledge that the people you love are safe and well and able to sense the loving feelings and thoughts that you send to them in your daily life. A spirit reading helps you to more forward and make the best of your life knowing in your heart that eventually we will all be united again after death.

Do mediums read thoughts?

Occasionally a medium may telepathically pick up your own thoughts so it is important that you are discerning about the information you are given. This can happen if the sitter is desperately wanting a specific communicator to come though and may unconsciously influence the medium. If the mediums head gets filled with your projected thoughts it can make it difficult for them to know if what they are seeing is a spirit or if the person being described is in reality alive.

The strongest evidence of survival often comes from the information you are given but have no conscious knowledge about and only find out later, for example when you ask other members of the family. For example I never knew my own grandmother had once been a barmaid and I thought the medium was way off track when I was told this. The fact that it was true and that I had no knowledge of this fact proved to me without a doubt that in this instance it was my grandmother’s spirit communicating and not the medium unconsciously reading my thoughts.

How do I book a telephone spirit reading?

Look through the profiles of our readers and look for those who are listed as MEDIUMS or SPIRITUALISTS. These have the ability to connect with the spirit world. If they are online now you can call direct and be put through now or if you are drawn to a reader who is not on line now you can book in advance by credit card and we will call you at a suitable time. If you are u Color: Color: nsure about who to select just as our operator who will be pleased to help you choose a medium who can best deal with your needs.

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